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"Coaching Moments" takes a
thoughtful, and sometimes lighthearted, look at how coaching
can be interwoven into our daily lives. 

Champion the World
by Janice Hunter

Sometimes I feel like throwing
in the towel, abandoning IAC certification and simply going
back to reading inspirational books in cafes. This usually
happens when I’m tired and overwhelmed by the workload I’ve
set myself.

When I
passed Step 1
the IAC exam
my colleagues congratulated me online. My husband and kids
presented me with Sicilian red wine, scented roses and

dark chocolate – even a small carved statue of a Christmas
angel with outst
hands to remind me that magic happens all year long
somehow it felt like
was missing.  

learned how to harness what used to be terrifying
technology. I’d studied alone for months while raising
our kids and struggling with health problems,
yet no-one asked me how passing made me feel or what
it had taken for me to pass. 

needed everyone in my world to realize
how passing would impact on my BIG picture, my goals,
long term plans and dreams. The confidence I got
from passing was like a halo around me for days and
everyone who came near me benefited. I championed
myself in my journal but I realized I needed to create
a new environment to sustain all the changes I was
going through. If I didn’t, I felt I risked becoming
distant from the people I loved most. I realized
I needed championing, good old fashioned championing,
the way coaches do it. 

So, I taught my husband to champion. At first
he teased me mercilessly, using formulas at every
opportunity: “What did it take for you to create this
delicious chick pea soup? What strengths did you tap into?
What does the success of this salad mean to you? How will
these nutritious home cooked vegetables impact on your
vision for the whole family?” But then I watched in
amazement as he started to get it. Really get it. The more
he practised, the more subtle he became.  

When I was
asked to write for

didn’t just say ‘Wow! That’s great!’. He asked me what it
meant to me and what it said about me as a
person. He could have stopped there but he didn’t. He simply

”So what does your big picture look like now?” Then he
smiled. Watched the look on my face and smiled some more.

Last week, he coached my son’s football team
to county championship victory.

No certification in the world could have
given me more pride and pleasure than their beaming smiles
as they burst through the front door with that trophy. 

We all need championing, especially when
we’re overwhelmed, down or just plain stuck. We all need
subtle reminding of the unique contributions we have to make
to the world. So go ahead, champion your loved ones,
champion your clients, champion the world! And don’t forget
to champion yourself. Often.

Janice Hunter
is a former translator and teacher who is
currently working towards IAC certification as an excuse to
avoid the kids, housework and trips to the hairdresser. She
can be contacted at

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