Committee Update Corner: What have the various committees at the IAC been up to?

Charlie Boyer

The Licensing Committee has been hard at work over several months to complete a draft of a proposal to submit to the Board of Governors. We reached a big milestone this month by completing the first phase of our work. Whew!

We have submitted a plan to better empower our licensees and to continue to clarify the role of licensees in the training of the Masteries in their respective schools and coaching programs. We will have more information for the membership after the Board of Governors has carefully considered the plan we have submitted.

We continue to discuss ways IAC could better support its current licensees. Committee members Deb Chisholm, Pepe Del Rio, Eduardo Vier and Charlie Boyer welcome your suggestions and comments. Contact the Licensing Committee at

Natalie Tucker Miller

The IAC Certifiers are continuing to work on the latest Masteries Ebook revisions.

These revisions are designed to keep up with evolving nature of coaching, by deepening the understanding of coaching relationships while keeping the integrity of the Masteries intact.

We work in collaboration with our members and the data from recordings for certification. We also use the findings from our Interrater Reliability process to further advance an understanding of coaching mastery.

Or goal is to provide information that helps create coaching success for all.

If you’re a member interested in pursuing the Path to Certification, Masteries Practitioner is a great starting place. Questions about if this is the right path for you can be directed to Natalie Tucker Miller, MMC, IAC Lead Certifier at:

Meet the IAC certifiers and coach/reviewers here:

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