Committee Update Corner – What have the various committees at the IAC been up to?

Bibi Ohlsson

Path to Success

A project to develop a coaching practice building service called 'Path to Success' has been initiated under the Member Benefits Committee. Path to Success will help IAC coaches to support each other in building sustainable coaching business and other kinds of coaching practice. If you are interested in participating in a creative process to support our members as they become busy coaches, please email us at

Charlie Boyer

As we reported last month, the Licensing Committee will be focusing our next several meetings on getting clear around several issues:

  1. categories of licenses, clarifying the qualifications, the benefits, and projected outcomes for licensees;
  2. clarifying the distinction between licensing and preparation for certification; and
  3. possible expansion of the role of licensees in helping prepare their clients for the written certification exam and submitting Professional Development Plans.

We discussed two pending applications for licensing, one from Hong Kong, and one from Argentina. Members of the Committee will be contacting the applicants during the coming month to clarify their questions. Our discussions highlighted the need to complete translations of IAC web copy from English into Spanish and Chinese, with additional languages coming as needs are determined. We are pleased to know that a Translation Committee is already at work on getting this enormous task finished.

A recent draft of a Member Benefits Booklet from Ed Britton stated that licensed mentor coaches and/or coach training organizations can incorporate the IAC Coaching Masteries into their training programs. However, Ed made a clear distinction between the training process and the certification process, and further clarified that the IAC does not endorse or accredit Licensees. We hope this will continue to provide additional clarity around this important distinction between licensing and certification.

What are your thoughts, ideas, suggestions about Licensing and its role in the IAC? Committee members Deb Chisholm, Pepe Del Rio, Eduardo Vier and Charlie Boyer welcome your suggestions and comments. Contact the Licensing Committee at

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