Community Outreach Groups

by Michelle Casto, IAC Membership Chair

Michelle Casto Starting
January 2007 the IAC will be providing some exciting new benefits for
our membership. One of these benefits is what we call “Community
Outreach Groups”, or COGs for short. The first two COGS to launch are
“What’s Working in My Business” and “What’s Working in My Coaching”.

communities will be hosted on the IAC site, so anyone who is a paid
member will have access to this valuable service. Each COG will be
hosted by a Lead Coach who will provide the direction, thought starters
and be the go-to person for questions.

very excited about this new way of connecting members and creating
community. We will add new COGs as we go, based on the interest of the

If you’re interested in being part of this project, please submit a volunteer application indicating your interest in COGs.

Michelle Casto
IAC Membership Chair

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