Confident business building for coaches

by Doris Helge

Why do so few talented coaches build a thriving practice? Many coaches are trapped in a destructive myth about confident business building: You're confident . . . or you're not!

The truth about confident business building

There is no magical degree of confidence when you enjoy every moment. What matters is your long-term performance.

Confident business building is somewhat similar to playing soccer. You can lose or win a particular game. That's why a good soccer coach encourages players after a loss to focus on the record at the end of the season. An excellent coach goes farther, with the most critical factor being how much every player learns and improves over time. "We're always building for the next season."

When we review a specific season of our coaching calendar, we often rigidly evaluate our income as either "good" or "not good enough." A more empowering view will build your confidence. Focus on building a sustainable successful practice. Reflect on your growing confidence because you're courageously taking intelligent risks.

Besides looking back at performance improvement over time, there are a couple of specific things you can do to increase confidence.

1) Ask curious questions that feed your confidence

Did your business make it through a very challenging economy because you were innovative and developed new alliances? Did it grow at a steady pace because you continued to grow your skills? When you made a mistake, did you quickly recover and learn what not to do? How can you network with other professionals and ask happy clients for referrals?

2) Pair great marketing with great coaching to build your business

Successful coaches are those who hold a reliable dual focus: marketing plus advanced skill improvement that produces referrals.

To keep this focus, identify a mentor coach who consistently moves forward in spite of obstacles. Select someone with long-term vision and a game plan. They'll challenge you to take healthy risks. Discover the joy of building a business with a firm foundation based on excellent planning, faith and love of the amazing game we call coaching.


Doris Helge, Ph.D., is an IAC, CTA, RCI and NLS-certified certified coach, mentor coach and president of the IAC-licensed training school, Confident Coach Connection, where she teaches the IAC Masteries™, advanced coaching skills and "Confident Business Building." Visit for a special report and the IAC New Coach Virtual Chapter.


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