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New Project Announcement: Coaching Wisdom

had such a tremendous response to our booklet "1,001 Things Coaches are
Grateful for…" that we have decided to create an entire series of
booklets titled Coaching Wisdom, all of which will be available to IAC
members and all of the content will be contributed by coaches. The
first booklet in the series will be Coaching Wisdom: Thriving During the Holidays.

If you have ideas for managing stress, planning for a memorable holiday
season, creating special memories, setting a hoiday budget, creating
New Years resolutions, or questions you ask your clients during this
time of year, we'd like them for this booklet project.

submissions are subject to editing by our volunteer staff. To submit
your ideas, short articles, quotes, questions, or other information,
please send one item per submission via email to:
by December 20, 2004. With each submission, we will print your name,
email address and one website URL (all information must be provided
with each submission for inclusion in the booklet).

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