Development, Ownership and Use of The IAC Coaching Masteries™

by Diane Krause-Stetson, IAC-CC, Vice President
of the IAC

One of the IAC’s most important
projects over the past few years has been
to develop standards that define high quality
coaching and that we use as the basis for
our independent coach certification process.
To this end, The IAC Coaching Masteries™
were published in the January
2007 Voice.

This article describes how we will provide
for the use and protection of this very
valuable intellectual property for the benefit
of the IAC and the coaching profession as
a whole.

As described in previous issues of the
Voice, the development and evaluation The
IAC Coaching Masteries™ was a massive
undertaking. A diverse group of experienced
and dedicated coaches volunteered their
time, expertise and insights to this labor
of love—this gift to the IAC and the
coaching profession. We therefore see it
as a very important duty to protect the
use of these standards and the investment
of those who created them.

The IAC Coaching Masteries™ are fundamental
to excellent coaching. They are elegantly
stated and their masterly application is
pivotal to serving our clients. Although
these standards underlie most of the accepted
coaching practices taught today, they are
independent. We were intent not to reflect
a single culture, prescribe a single training
methodology, or advocate a particular school
of thought. The IAC remains committed to
a universal approach to enhance how clients
experience the service of coaching and to
advance professionalism in this expanding

In defining how to use and protect the
IAC Coaching Masteries™, the IAC Board
of Governors was guided by the following

  • openness, to allow the marketplace
    to find the best solutions for training
    people in coaching skills;
  • broad reach, to allow as many people
    as possible to benefit from the Masteries
    (and to build IAC membership and sustain
    the organization);
  • transparency, to provide information
    so that IAC members and the public are
    empowered to make decisions about the
    IAC and related organizations;
  • protection of IAC's independence of
    the certification system;
  • fair return, to allow IAC to prosper
    through financial return on intellectual
  • protection of IAC's reputation (in connection
    with other organizations' use of the IAC
    intellectual property).

The IAC is offering IAC Coaching Masteries™
for free to its members for their personal
use in the form of a downloadable e-book.
Non-members can access this e-book for the
nominal cost of $10. The IAC is the owner
of the copyright of this work. Individuals
are only permitted to use the materials
for their own use and are not permitted
to share the e-book content with others.
Copies of the e-book are available from
your member

Commercial use of The IAC Coaching Masteries™
will be allowed under a special commercial
license. An annual license fee and agreement
will be required, effective January 1, 2008,
if a coach or an organization wishes to
apply The IAC Coaching Masteries™
for commercial use. For individuals and
organizations that provide products or programs
to fewer than 20 people, there will be an
annual fee of $250. For those who expect
that 20 or more people will purchase their
products or services, an annual fee of $750
will be required. As well as the right to
use the Masteries, license holders will
also have the opportunity to be listed on
the IAC’s website.

In order to uphold the high quality of
products and services there is an additional
requirement. There must be at least one
IAC Certified Coach actively involved on
the product development or training team—and
not simply serving as a nominal designee.

Under the commercial license agreement,
The IAC Coaching Masteries™ may be
reproduced and distributed so long as the
IAC’s copyright notice is included.
To the extent that the license holder includes
additional materials, there must be a notice
indicating that the IAC did not create and
is not endorsing such portion. Any license
holder who refers to The IAC Coaching Masteries™
in their communications and marketing must
convey that there is no IAC affiliation
or endorsement. It is important to the Board
of Governors and its Certifying Board that
the IAC remain an independent certifying

Effective January 1, 2008, The IAC Coaching
Masteries™ will be the exclusive measure
for IAC certification. We are excited that
there are already several products in the
marketplace that are teaching The IAC Coaching
Masteries™ and several mentor coaches
and coaching schools that are incorporating
the Masteries into their training programs.
We hope that the marketplace will create
many more such resources to support masterful

We have high hopes for the future of these
coaching standards and their impact on raising
the level of masterful coaching world-wide.

We encourage you to integrate The IAC
Coaching Masteries™ into your coaching
approach and to seek the distinction of
becoming an IAC Certified Coach. For more
information on The IAC Coaching Masteries™
licensing program, please contact me.

Diane Krause-Stetson IAC-CC, MBA, JD
President and Founder of Lead Your Life, LLC Co-founder of Symarete

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