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Inspired Steps

Inspired StepsInspired Steps: Intention Setting & Goal Achievement System for Coaches

Heads up on a profitable coaching tool

Do you need a professionally designed coaching program to increase your visibility in the marketplace?

Would you like to have access to a proven coaching system that has helped hundreds of clients to reach their goals?

“Any coach and client working with this system will achieve consistent, measurable results.”
– Graham White, former Head Coach to 200 coaches, SuccessTracs Coaching Program, Calgary, AB

Having a professionally designed set of coaching tools in your coaching toolbox will help you to:

  • Attract more clients
  • Offer a proven system to them to aid the sales process
  • Provide a more efficient and effective coaching experience for both you and your clients
  • Allow you to track your clients’ progress in a simple, streamlined way
  • Give your clients an added-value to the already awesome coaching that you provide

Every successful coach has systems in place. But sometimes, those systems take years to develop and, when materials are involved, they can be very costly to have professionally designed. So why re-invent the wheel? By licensing the Inspired Steps Coaching system, you can use a set of proven coaching tools—that has helped hundreds of clients to reach their goals—with your clients, too.

How it works

The program works by setting quarterly intentions with your clients – and having them write them down in a guided process that has them ask the tough questions – so that you have a clear road-map to work from. The quarterly (3-month) timeframe is just enough time to achieve significant change, but short enough that it feels realistic and achievable for clients. Once you have your map, then the coaching journey begins. Before each session, your client will send you a ‘progress journal’ so that you can cut through the ‘story’ and get to where the real coaching takes place. This makes your calls more efficient and effective as well, so everybody wins. During your sessions, your calls are spontaneous and organic (like you’re used to having), but you’ll also have tools to keep notes and assignments all in one place. Using the Inspired Steps tools is a complement to what you’re already doing. The system is simple for both you and your clients, and adds credibility and value for your clients by giving them something tangible to work with, while you do what you do best: coach.

“…thank you [for] making this so uncomplicated. It was so nice being able to email a client and present a professional front, that is, thanks to your system.”

– Deorike Ibirogba Leonelli, Motivational Coach/Teacher

Access to the Inspired Steps Coaching System is available as an annual license. With your annual license you get:

  • A full set of professionally-designed, proven coaching tools to use with your clients. Print documents and fillable pdf documents are both available
  • Simple, easy-to-understand written and audio instructions – to explain each tool in detail
  • A foolproof system – to successfully administer the program
  • Helpful Hints – for setting goals/intentions with your clients (this is KEY – not all goals are created equal!)
  • Email templates – to help get you started with new clients in the program
  • A new client questionnaire – to collect important information at the beginning of your coaching relationship
  • Information and Guidelines for clients – to send to new clients to help them understand the benefits and value of the system

The Annual license to use the Inspired Steps Coaching System is $197/year. However, IAC members get 75% off, and can license the tools for only $49 USD/year – including unlimited printing rights.

Visit us here for more information and to purchase. Mention coupon code IACMEM in your correspondence.

Thank you sincerely,
Annette Sharpe
Founder & Senior Coach
Growing For Success

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