Do we really need the International Association of Coaching (IAC)?

by: Ed Britton


Should coaching be represented by only one professional organization? Does having more than one create confusion and diffuse power in a world where the powerful reign?

I find it remarkable that a 'yes' answer should gain currency. Who would argue that we should have only one government in the world, or only one financial institution, or even only one grocery store chain? More than one of anything exists so that there is choice, accountability, diversity, and freedom in the world. How can it possibly be argued that choice, diversity, accountability, and freedom should not exist in the coaching profession?

The International Association of Coaching was created for a clear and distinct reason that is even more important now than in its beginning. It became obvious that a professional association was needed that would be inclusive of all genuine and professional coaches, that recognized diverse coaching applications, that certified coaching expertise independently of particular schools or approaches. An association that didn't require a certain income generated by coaching (i.e. that accepted coaching as a public service or in the context of another professional service), did not force junior coaches to pay for the services of senior coaches in order to become certified, that was truly governed by coaches rather than powerful, corporate/government client groups. An organization that avoided the conflict of interest inherent in a school 'certifying' its own graduates, and, above all, provided a rigorous certification based strictly and solely on demonstrated excellence.

The IAC is the coaching association that is of coaches, by coaches, and for coaches who are uncompromisingly dedicated to serving the individual client. Are we purists and idealists? I guess we are. If you want to support the ideal and purity of coaching, join the IAC and help us while we help you.

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Ed Britton
Ed Britton is a career and leadership coach who lives in Calgary, Canada. He also serves the IAC as the Director of Development and leads the Path to Mastery coaching triads program. Ed has a background in the physical sciences, in adult education and leadership development. After living in China for 10 years, Ed looks forward to a Canadian winter and cross country skiing! If you would like to participate in the Path to Mastery coaching triads program, please contact Ed at


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