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Professional Ethics Review Committee Working for Members

Professional Ethics Review Committee (PERC) has been working diligently
on a number of initiatives in response to recognized member needs. At
the top of that list is Chairperson Michael Sanders’ commitment to
develop an introductory package for new IAC members that, once
completed, will also be shared with all current members. The intent of
this package is to introduce members to PERC, to outline IAC’s Code of
Ethics, and to offer suggestions as to how members might draw on the
PERC’s resources to support and enhance their individual practices.

Given that the mandate of PERC is to perpetuate the IAC’s high and
specific ethical standards throughout the coaching profession, Debbie
Lawrence, PERC’s Director, has been developing Code of Ethics related
materials to be made available next spring. One example is a
Professional Ethics and Client Confidentiality document that coaches
will be encouraged to share and review with their clients. The idea for
this document came from questions and feedback PERC received regarding
how best to broach issues of trust, professional conduct and the
protection of personal information provided to coaches by their

committee is also looking to fill some positions with member coaches
who may be interested in contributing to this very important division
of the IAC. If you’re that person or if you would like to learn more
about what such a role would entail, we’d love to hear from you. You
can contact Debbie at PERCDirector@CertifiedCoach.org.

as always, PERC is here if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas
you’d like to share. For more details or to just “Ask PERC”, visit us
at www.certifiedcoach.org or www.coachingcomplaints.org. The PERC is waiting to hear from you!

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