Eliciting Greatness

Hall Meetings

by Gina Blakeslee,
Editor, IAC Voice

We have scheduled
four more “Town Hall” meetings for August. We
are using this time together with our members to develop new
ideas and directions for the IAC. These town hall meetings
give us the opportunity to learn and share. So many new people
have stepped up to the plate to volunteer their time and immense
talents to help shape and grow the IAC.

I am truly thrilled
to tell you that the IAC is about to take off and, it is my
belief, that our profession and our clients will really benefit.
For me, it is a real privilege to be part of what is happening.

We hope that we
hear from many more coaches as we move through the next months.
The town hall meetings give each of us the opportunity to
find a place, a niche, to use our time and talent to propel
the IAC forward. We each have a voice in deciding where this
organization will go. It is a very exciting time indeed.

Here are the new
dates for the August town hall meetings. I hope you can join
Monday, August 15
8 pm eastern
Friday, August 19
1 pm eastern
Wednesday, August 24
3 pm eastern
Monday, August 29
7 pm eastern
The number for all calls is 1-702-851-3330. The access
code is 6385908
Best to all,
Gina Blakeslee

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