Capítulo IAC IAC o Entrenamiento Masteries® Concesionario: cuál es el adecuado para usted?

por Mike

The value you receive from any association
directly relates to how activamente involucrado you are in that association.
(Just ask the members of our 19 IAC chapters worldwide.) Earlier this year, we
added another exciting way to be involved, with our new IAC Coaching
maestrías® Licensing Program. This program permits mentor coaches and
coach training organizations to incorporate the nine IAC Coaching
maestrías® as part of their mentor coaching or coach training

We are thrilled at the number of inquiries
regarding both new chapters and licensees, and thought this would be a good time
to clarify the difference between forming an IAC chapter and becoming an IAC
Maestrías del entrenamiento® Concesionario.

IAC chapters and Licensees are similar in
that they are both promoted by the IAC through our website, VOICE newsletter,
and other communication channels. And they both have access to the IAC Coaching
maestrías® para ayudar a desarrollar habilidades de entrenamiento magistrales.

However, there are distinct differences
between how IAC chapters and IAC Coaching Masteries® licenciatarios
operate. Here’s a simple chart that compares the two:

IAC Coaching
maestrías® Concesionario
  • Non-profit group run by
  • For-profit coach mentor or coach
    training organization
  • Coaching community for learning
    and developing coaching practices
  • Formal teaching / mentoring
  • Exclusive to a city or
  • No specific geographic
  • No fees payable to the IAC
    except for individual annual membership fees
  • Pays IAC an annual license
  • May use IAC Coaching
    maestrías® como parte de las actividades del capítulo sin licencia
  • Must have active license to use
    IAC Entrenamiento Maestrías®
  • Provides a benefit to IAC
    los miembros
  • May work with both IAC members
    and non-members

In addition, an IAC Coaching
maestrías® Licensee may be a member of a local IAC chapter. However,
a member of an IAC local chapter must apply for and pay an additional annual fee
if they wish to become a licensee and use the IAC Coaching Masteries®
como parte de su tutoría o entrenamiento entrenador de negocios.

Si desea obtener más información acerca
forming an IAC chapter, please visit
o enviar un correo electrónico a A
inquire about becoming an IAC Coaching Masteries® Licenciatario, visita o escribe
to IAC President Angela Spaxman at

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Mike Goonan is leading the way for the next
generation of professional coaches. At age 23, Mike is the youngest Certified
Fearless Living Coach in the world. He is IAC's Chapter Liaison and Public
Relations Chair, and President of the New Jersey Coaching Alliance – IAC
Chapter. Visit Mike at