IAC VOZ, 4 volumen, número 30, Octubre 2008, Circulación: 12,606

live in the midst of great change. In the upper reaches of the northern hemisphere,
it’s fall. Down under, the seasons are moving towards summer. Birds are
migrating. Natural cycles are continuing as they have for centuries. Transitions
of all sorts impact our lives.

In this issue of the Voice, you
can hear how we as coaches can respond to the cycles of change.

  • De nuestro Presidente, Angela Spaxman, you can learn how you can help your
    clients and those around you weather uncertainty during the world economic
    crisis we face.
  • Nina Este de
    Trocitos de certificación gives you valuable insight into
    the minds of our Certifiers, helping you to prepare for your transition into
    the role of certified coach.
  • Momentos como entrenador returns and Janice Hunter brings you some insight into
    the relationship between ultimate transition into the unknown and the coaching
  • Viajes trae cambios y los cambios de su propio. Uno de nosotros
    exclusive member
    is highlighted this month helping you to see new horizons and enjoy
    new scenery.
  • Finally, some of you may be ready to transition into the role of leadership.
    Si es así, usted está invitado en el proceso de nominación for the IAC Board
    de gobernadores.

matter where you live, you are touched by cycles of change. May these seasons
bring you peace, joy, and fulfillment in your practice of the art and science
of coaching—and beyond.

Editor invitado: Secretario IAC Tara Rodden Robinson


Del Presidente

por Angela


A medida que los mercados se desploman, ¿qué podemos hacer para ayudar?

This is the question on my mind, inspired by the book “Leaving Microsoft
to Change the World” by John Wood. Here is a man who at 35 gave up a rewarding
corporate career to literally change the world through providing books to 3rd
world children in need. He voluntarily gave up his lucrative job without any
guarantees of personal income or success apart from his own passion for making
his dreams come true.

I feel humbled by his leadership. It makes me re-examine my own commitment
to evolving humanity. Is it as much as I can do?

These days our financial system is topsy-turvy. And yet nothing has really
changed in terms of how much of ourselves we can give to worthy causes. The
obstacles are not our bank balances but our desires to do what is right for

And no matter what money is lost, nothing has changed in terms of our other
resources: our educations, experiences, our mature physical and spiritual selves.

I can imagine so many ways that coaches can help in these times: by creating
positive moods and goals; by supporting and encouraging those facing losses;
by revealing new choices; and by provoking people with power to operate from
their highest integrity.

In this effort, the IAC provides a foundation that encourages the highest possible
coaching quality, and I hope supports you in providing help through your coaching.
¿Cómo podemos ayudar a que usted pueda dar?

It is timely that the IAC is now actively seeking more volunteer contributions
to continue building an organization that creates and promotes coaching excellence.
You’ll see our llame
for leaders to join our Board of Governors
. Y siguiendo esta
, you can volunteer for a position that suits your strengths and desires.
We want to be influenced by you. This is our way to evolve together as coaches,
and give.

The IAC volunteers are working hard on our current initiatives which include:
the licensing program for the IAC Coaching Masteries™; an improved editorial
process; more resources to connect and support our volunteers; new member benefits;
new resources to promote coaching globally; more website interactivity and re-examination
of the long-term vision for our organization.

Para el trabajo que se realiza y el trabajo a realizar, estoy agradecido.

Angela Spaxman
Presidente, IAC
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por Nina Medio

Interest in the IAC Coaching Masteries™ continues to grow…and with
that interest comes great questions. Two of the questions the Certification
Board hears the most are:

1. ¿Qué estás escuchando realmente para cuando se escucha grabaciones de certificación?
2. What are the Certifiers noticing? Are there patterns? What are coaches getting
and not getting? (OK, so that’s actually three questions – but they
tend to come together, all at once.)

What those questions are telling us is that members are interested in “picking
the brains” of the Certifiers – so we got three IAC Certifiers together
and had them talk about the Masteries, certification, and what’s next
for coaching.

This discussion, recorded for download, was part of the Great Minds Roundtable
hosted by the Association of Personal Growth Professionals. The conversation
was focused specifically on coaching and the IAC Coaching Masteries™.
Very special thanks go out to Karen Van Cleve and Natalie Tucker Miller for
participating in this conversation.

Here is a small sample of what you’ll hear from the Certifiers in the
audio recording:

  • lo que define como entrenador magistral

  • lo que mantiene a los entrenadores de ser magistral - con una lista de ejemplos

  • cómo las maestrías permiten una variedad de estilos de entrenamiento

  • how transformation and sustainable change are different from behavioral
    change or getting a specific result

  • al tratarse de una directiva de bits es realmente magistral, y cuando no lo es

  • how to know what’s really going on in the coaching session –
    when trying not to have an agenda becomes an agenda in itself

  • cómo saber cuándo hay otros niveles de la conversación

  • ¿por qué un entrenador tiene que entender a sí mismos primero

  • cómo miedos y pensamientos de un entrenador impacto que su entrenador

  • cómo ser consciente de su nivel de experiencia en el estudio de la certificación

Para acceder a la grabación y las cositas jugosas, utilice uno de los siguientes enlaces:
Escuchar: http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WNdfL82s
Para descargar: http://ninaeast.audioacrobat.com/download/GMR-IAC.mp3

Remember, if you are an IAC member, you can download the Masteries eBook as
one of your membership benefits. If you are not a member, you can still access
some of the information about the masteries aquí.

Next month we will get back to discussing the Masteries one by one. Next on
the list is Mastery #4 – Processing In The Present.


Nina East is the IAC’s Lead Certifier and the founder of PersonalGrowthProfessionals.com.
As a coach, she helps personal growth professionals turn creative edge thinking
into practical tools and resources, and helps coaches master the art of coaching.
For even more insights about IAC Certification and the 9 Coaching Masteries™
listen to all Nina’s interviews at www.MyMentorCoach.com.


Por favor envíe sus preguntas sobre el IAC
Coaching Masteries ™ y la certificación
procesar a los certification@certifiedcoach.org.

"Coaching Moments" toma un
mirada reflexiva sobre cómo entrenar
puede ser entretejido en nuestra vida diaria.

Los agujeros negros y toda velocidad del ~

por Janice Hunter

Es el fin del mundo tal como lo conocemos
... Y me siento bien! ~ REM letras

My kids came home from school yesterday, bursting with all the gossip they’d
heard about The End of the World. Luckily, because of what I’ve learned
on my coaching journey, I’m no longer daunted by conversations about particle
physics and quantum physics, about energy and focus, manifestation and momentum.
I love discussing the details of how we create our own lives, our own worlds.

So, we chatted about black holes and the Big Bang experiment currently taking
place in a circular chamber deep under the Alps in Switzerland. My daughter,
a teenager, couldn’t believe that some of her classmates had cried when
they heard that one of the undesirable side effects of this particle collision
experiment might be that we’d all turn into goo or simply disappear. Her
¿acercarse a, aproximarse? I’ve had a good life, if we’ve got to go, we’ve
got to go. Nothing we can do about it.
Our life has been a roller coaster
ride recently, partly caused by our daughter’s emotional ups and downs
and what we call her ‘horrormoans’. I was stunned that she’d
decided not to make a drama of it and that she considered her life so far to
have been “good”.

My son, on the other hand, looked at me for reassurance, his huge grey eyes
overcast with the threat of tears. I asked him if he’d like to be with
me when they flicked the switch and he hugged me and smiled a nod.

I remember looking at the night sky as a child, then crying myself to sleep
thinking about where the universe ended and what was beyond it. Years later,
I smiled when one of the kids first asked me who God’s mum and dad were.
I’ve never lost the wonder and the curiosity I had as a child, although
in this case, I admit to having very little curiosity about how creation got
created. Maybe it’s a throwback to those days when some unanswerable curious
questions just made my head hurt and my anxious heart worry.

No estoy siendo impertinente aquí, pero el total y instantáneo final de
the world doesn’t worry me; being separated from my loved ones does. So
does watching a beautiful planet die a slow and painful death because a species
who ought to know better not only destroys its home, but its fellow Earth-dwellers.

As I sat with the kids at 8:29 this morning, waiting for some scientists in
Switzerland to switch on an experiment that really began decades ago, I didn’t
think it would do any harm to suggest we quickly say a silent sorry for everything
hurtful we’d ever done and a big thank you for que todo. Sin
prompting, they both turned and said “I love you.”

The moment came, it went and as they headed off for school, I realised we create
our own universes, our own new worlds every day, without the need for billion
dollar experiments. Love a lot, serve others, say sorry, say thank you and every
moment that ever was until ahora disappears down your very own black
hole. We create a new world with every thought, every breath, every loving gesture
and every decision to do something differently, something better.

If those scientists had asked me, I could have told them for free that there’s
already a black hole in our house, caused by me hurtling around in circles at
the speed of light and colliding, hormone-ridden, with one or other of my kids’
crises. Full of Dark Matter, our very own black hole swirls ominously in the
vicinity of the kids’ bedrooms, the place where stuff, sanity and socks
strangely disappear…My husband would probably tell you there’s been
a black hole in his wallet since the kids were born!

As this Swiss experiment is due to go through various phases until October,
here are some questions to exploit its media presence or maybe even turn some
energy shifts into Big Bangs!

  • Si usted podría crear un agujero negro en su casa, ¿qué le volcar en ella?

  • Si usted podría crear un agujero negro en su vida, what would you
    dump in it?

  • If you could live five parallel lives, all as yourself, who would you be
    in each? (For example, in one life, I’d be performing all over the world
    and making albums as a singer songwriter; in another I’d be writing
    my latest novel with my lace curtains blowing in a sea breeze…)

  • Lo que hace que los más altos niveles de creatividad en tu vida en
    tu hogar?

  • ¿Cómo le gustaría pasar sus últimas semanas en este universo conocido?

  • Lo que, en todo caso, sería en su "Deseo que había hecho ese ! "

  • ¿Qué canción quieres que juega como la banda sonora de su vida?

  • What would be the last things you’d want to smell, see, taste and

  • ¿Qué le diría a sus seres queridos que podrían realmente, deberían
    Realmente puede decir AHORA ....?

Sobre el Autor:
Janice Hunter is a writer and IAC certified coach who lives in
Escocia con su esposo y sus dos hijos. Ella se especializa
en coaching hogareño (ayudar a las personas a crear auténtico,
hogares y vidas llenas de espíritu) y también disfruta apoyando
otros entrenadores a través de su escritura y colaboración.


Janice tiene
compiló todas sus piezas de Coaching Moments de la última
dos años en un ebook gratuito de la página 46, 'Momentos de entrenamiento: a
Colección de artículos sobre coaching en la vida cotidiana '

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