IAC VOZ, 4 volumen, número 31, Diciembre 2008, Circulación: 12,606


Desde el Editor

I am so thrilled to be presenting this first newsletter as your Editor. Thanks
so much to everyone who has taken the time to welcome me, and especially to
Angela Spaxman for your support and guidance.

Angela tiene alguna noticias emocionantes in her President's report this month, while Past-President
Natalie Tucker Miller sat down for una entrevista with the always fascinating
(and yet so down-to-earth) Dan Pink.

También en este número:

In his interview with Natalie, Dan Pink expressed his enormous respect for
his readers, and his awe and gratitude that they've chosen to spend time reading
what he has to say.

That is precisely how I feel as I embark on this journey with you. Thank you
for honoring us with your time and attention, and I hope that you find this
newsletter valuable. If you did, we'd love to hear why. And if you didn't, please
help us to improve by enviando sus comentarios.

caliente los deseos,

Linda Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC VOZ
E - mail: voice@certifiedcoach.org


Del Presidente

por Angela


After an action-packed month, we have three very important launches to announce
this month. Three? Yes, three! I can't believe it!

La tan esperada
Programa de licencias IAC Entrenamiento Maestrías ™
is here. This License allows commercial coach training companies and
coaching mentors to use the IAC Coaching Masteries™ to teach, train and
coach people towards IAC Certification. Our vision is that IAC
Licensees will support many more coaches to reach IAC Certification,
thus strengthening our membership and our organization. As the
Licensees support coaches to gain the IAC-CC designation, they are
helping us advance coaching to the highest standards of excellence. And
most importantly, these Licensees will help you, our members, reach
your goals for IAC Certification.

If you are interested in teaching or mentoring using the IAC Coaching Masteries™,

Si está buscando una escuela o un mentor, por favor ver:

We're just getting started, so check back as more schools and mentors become
available. I will keep you posted on our progress.

2) IAC Voluntarios Groupsite Wouldn't it be great if you could
interact directly, anytime and from anywhere, with everyone around the globe
who's involved with the IAC? Now you can! We've recently created the IAC Volunteers
Groupsite where you can share your questions and ideas and find out what others
are doing in their local IAC Chapters. You can go behind the scenes and get
involved in the movement to advance coaching excellence.

Ya es miembro de la IAC?
Haga clic aquí para el pago para solicitar una invitación para unirse.

Todavía no ha sido un miembro de la IAC?
Entonces esta es tu oportunidad de oro para unirse y participar.
Haga clic aquí para el pago to join the IAC. Then follow the instructions on the Member Login
Page to "Involucrarse con los voluntarios del IAC".

We already have 43 coaches on the site. Will you be the next? Great stuff happens
when coaches get together.

3) We have a new editor. Did you notice? I'm so pleased to welcome
Linda Dessau to our organization. She brings a wealth of experience both as
an editor and a coach and she is a delight to work with. You can read more about
su aquí. Para dar la bienvenida a Linda, por favor
ella enviar un correo electrónico telling her what
you would like to see in the IAC VOICE.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the people who have made these developments
possible. I am particularly grateful to our
Tesorero Jean Gran y
Miembro de la Junta Diane Krause-Stetson, both highly intelligent professionals who accompanied
me in creating the IAC Licensing Program. I expect their efforts will bring
dividends for many years and for many coaches.

Angela Spaxman
Presidente, IAC
E - mail:


Sólo los miembros - Entrevista con Dan Pink

por Natalie
Tucker Miller

Dan Pink is a best-selling author, free agent and self-described fan of coaches.
And many coaches are already quite familiar with Dan and highly endorse his
first two books, Free Agent Nation y A Whole New Mind. In addition
to being a guest on Oprah’s Soul Series, Dan presented at the ICF conference
in 2006 and is a contributing editor for Con conexión de cable Revista.

Dan recently spent time with Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC, discussing, among
other things, his latest book, Las aventuras de Johnny Bunko.

So sit back and listen in on Dan and Natalie's conversation as they cover topics

• Why accentuating strengths is
powerful mojo
• What makes the advice in this book pertinent to our rapidly changing
economía global
• ¿Cómo contribuye porción y crea un ganar-ganar

miembros del CAI,
haga clic aquí. escuchar. Y nuestros miembros de la comunidad más amplia posible
para escuchar los primeros cinco minutos de la entrevista.

Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC, serves on the IAC board of governors as the
immediate past president. She is a certifying examiner at the IAC as well as
an Instructor and Dean of Students at the School of Coaching Mastery. Additionally,
Natalie is founder of Ageless-Sages.com, publisher of books for elders and their
families (www.ageless-sages.com).

Las Realizaciones Detrás de las Maestrías


How do the realizations behind the IAC Coaching Masteries™ unfold into
a life after ten years or more of working with them? They unfold differently
for different coaches. Some coaches say they’ve changed in fundamental
ways and it shows. Other coaches say they’ve changed fundamentally but
it appears they have only become better organized and have better boundaries.
What does it mean to change fundamentally? The IAC Coaching Masteries™,
and before them, the 15 Proficiencies, can be taken at two levels. The deeper
level is the more fundamental.

The realizations behind the Masteries refer to how much you can see regarding
who you are and what life is all about. Trust, potential, expression, listening,
etc. aren’t just coaching tools. They are ways of being in the world.
They reflect how you see the world. The deeper you live with the Masteries,
the deeper you live in harmony with what is… without resistance. The Masteries
point us in the direction of seeing everything that’s going on in life.
There is the level of appearances, the way things appear to be. And there is
the level of appearances plus a whole, unadulterated, expanded life, behind
the appearances. It's sometimes helpful to differentiate appearance from
reality by thinking of appearance as a semi-transparent level (or veil)
distracting us from reality.

Level One is the level of ego and appearances. Ego is something that has been
much referenced and now means something different to just about everyone. For
purposes here, I define it as a function in the mind, that seeks physical safety
and psychological comfort and pleasure, in whatever way is necessary. When the
mind is free of concern, ego plays a small role in the personality. However,
when pleasure and safety are threatened by events (real or imagined), ego kicks
into high gear. It focuses and contracts the mind. It can’t see beyond
its needs for pleasure and staying safe. It associates what is going on in the
moment with every possible similar scenario it has ever experienced in the
past (real or imagined) in order to regain equilibrium…So things tend
to appear much worse than they are.

After stress emotions (often irrational ones) have been released, ego looks
to repair the damage it’s done to itself and others as quickly as possible.
Defense and rationalization are what ego does best to return to the experience
of pleasure and safety. Life is reduced to an “it’s a good thing
or it’s a bad thing” duality. And if it’s a bad thing, it
needs to be fixed, now. Ego is about manipulating life, resisting and changing
anything that doesn’t immediately bring pleasure, comfort and safety.

When coaches are identified with the ego, and most of us are, whatever is happening
to the ego is what is happening to us. If the ego function is scared, we say,
“I’m scared.” If the ego function is “going nuts,”
we say, “I’m going nuts.” Essentially, in our mind, we are
ego…and nothing else. So, we can only feel pleasure and safety when life
happens to be going well for ego. The truth is, we can feel pleasure and safety
even when ego isn’t happy, if we seek a deeper level of awareness.

Level Two is getting down to all the other stuff that’s going on, beyond
ego’s view. While ego is reacting to the appearance of life, there is
an unperceived, deeper response that is possible. Without the ego's drive to
seek pleasure and security and to search the past to understand the present,
Level Two is characterized by a lack of drama. At Level Two, life events are
often seen with simple openness and curiosity. There is no baggage, so the normally
unperceived reality can come into view. It reflects another level of knowing
that all is well, even when it doesn’t appear to be. It’s an intuitive
knowing that spontaneously arrives as a coach lives more deeply into the Masteries.
Humility and surrender to life are always present in the deeper realizations
about life. They are the mark of a fundamentally transformed coach.

A coach who is living into the Masteries understands coaching in fundamentally
different ways than the regular coach. To the regular coach, the words and frameworks
won’t make much sense. Most regular coaches don’t really want to
become transformed coaches. Even those who say they do. Until it happens, most
of us can’t imagine giving up our conditioned way of being and stepping
into this vast unknown space. It’s such a wild ride. So different from
anything anyone has ever told us. Additionally, it’s so very difficult
to articulate this vast space. I never get the words to match the reality. Words
are just pointers. You have to live there to know the place. To those who have
come all the way I say, welcome.

Postscript: I pen the name anon not for the sake of disguise. I am anonymous
because the name I go by is not who I am. I am, as you are, no-one.

Editor's Note: The author of this article is a long-standing member of the
IAC and was one of Coachville's earliest faculty members.

Nuevo beneficio para miembros

Los entrenadores de la consola

You're in the driver's seat with this new online practice management system
created by coaches for coaches. It meets you exactly where you are in your practice
and takes the fear out of the business and marketing side of coaching. As a
member of the IAC, you receive a 30% discount on the license fee and a $35 monthly
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tools for driving your coaching practice.

The Spanish Version of the IAC Coaching Masteries
is Ready

IAC membership has increased to over 500 in 2008. I feel the collaborative
energy of this unique profession flowing right around the world. In line with
IAC's slogan, "To advance coaching to the highest standards in universal
excellence", coaches all over the world are voluntarily contributing their
hearts and time to translating the IAC Coaching Masteries™ into different

I am very excited to announce the release of the Spanish version. Coach Roberto
García de la Mora completed the first Spanish translation draft in early
2008; Dr. Ariel Orama further fine-tuned the translation and later led a team
of experienced coaches and linguistic experts to complete the job in September
2008. Their contribution inspires our universal excellence in action.

Miembros del equipo de traducción de español:

Mg. Olga E. López (Colombia)
Sr. Gerardo Silbert (Uruguay)
Dra. Carmen I. Orama (Puerto Rico)
Dr. Ariel Orama, Coordinador (Puerto Rico)

I am also glad to inform you that the Korean, French and Italian translations
are all underway by different groups of volunteer coaches. If you would like
to be part of our team and see the IAC Coaching Masteries™ in your own
language, please write to bonnie@coachlite.com.

Bonnie Chan IAC-CC
Coordinador del Equipo, IAC Entrenamiento maestrías ™ Traducciones



Bonnie is an executive and mentor coach. She is the first Chinese IAC-CC certified
coach from Hong Kong and has passion to help other coaches to attain the same.
Bonnie likes to advance her coaching by exchanging with coaches all over the
mundo. www.bonniechancoaching.com


Obtiene certificación real ...
Por Nina Medio, certificador de plomo para el IAC

It’s hard to believe we’ve been using the IAC Coaching Masteries™
as our exclusive standard of coaching excellence for almost a full year! They
were developed with the intention that they would be the next evolution of coaching mastery
– and that they would continue to evolve in order to provide the best
and easiest access to masterful coaching.

Throughout the past year, the certifiers have continued to look for additional
ways to clarify and define the Masteries, with the goal of making them even
easier to understand, and hence, easier to apply. Don’t worry, though
– we’re not “changing” the Masteries. We are merely
clarifying them by providing greater detail and further explanation. Questions
from members have been key to this process – so thank you to everyone
who has sent in a question!

The updated version of the IAC Coaching Masteries™ will be available
in early 2009, so be sure to be on the lookout. Current members will be notified
of the new link, and anyone who has purchased the eBook in the past will receive
the updated version.

Aquí está a la continua evolución de entrenar ...

Nina Este es certificador principal del IAC y el fundador de PersonalGrowthProfessionals.com. As a coach, she helps personal growth
los profesionales convierten el pensamiento creativo en herramientas y recursos prácticos,
y ayuda a los entrenadores a dominar el arte del coaching. Para obtener aún más información sobre
mejorando sus habilidades de entrenamiento, visite


Por favor envíe sus preguntas sobre el IAC
Coaching Masteries ™ y la certificación
procesar a los certification@certifiedcoach.org.

"Coaching Moments" toma un
mirada reflexiva sobre cómo entrenar
puede ser entretejido en nuestra vida diaria.

Las hebras de luz
por Janice Hunter

Sin embargo, desde el punto de vista de la vida diaria, hay una cosa que sí sabemos: que
están aquí por el bien de los demás, sobre todo para aquellos cuya sonrisa y
bienestar depende nuestra propia felicidad, y también para las innumerables almas desconocidas
con cuyo destino estamos conectados por un vínculo de simpatía. ~ Albert Einstein

En esta época del año, más que ninguna otra, me pregunto quién eres ... por qué
estás leyendo VOZ y dónde estás sentado justo aquí

¿Estás en una oficina luminosa y con aire acondicionado en algún lugar del hemisferio sur,
o acurrucado en una silla cómoda en un estudio cálido y acogedor, rodeado, como yo,
por las cosas que hacen la vida: cuadernos, una taza de café medio vacía, un vaso
de agua, migas en un plato, gafas, un teléfono, bolígrafos y un montón de papeles?

¿Su espíritu se eleva por el brillo sereno de las velas especialmente encendidas?
más tarde te relajarás en una casa que parpadea con luces de hadas y destellos brillantes
adornos que alegran tu corazón y te recuerdan los momentos mágicos que pasaste como
niño, contando los sueños hasta Navidad?

Cuando era joven,
Al crecer en un pueblo minero escocés, no teníamos coche. Mi tio solia
para llevarnos cada año a la ciudad más cercana, para ver colgada su High Street
con luces navideñas multicolores que no solo conectan una
farola al siguiente a lo largo de toda la ciudad, pero
entrecruzado sobre nuestras cabezas. Había ángeles y renos, Santas
y trineos, adornos y campanas, estrellas y acebo, sus colores gloriosos
reflejándose en los escaparates cálidamente iluminados de abajo. Mi tío condujo despacio
permitiéndonos admirar la maravilla de todo. Al final de la calle principal,
nos detuvimos y salimos a las enormes puertas de metal que marcaban la entrada
al parque del pueblo. Allí, cubierto de cientos de colores brillantes.
luces que alcanzan el estrellado cielo azul-negro y brillan como un
milagro, se encontraba un árbol de Navidad de una milla de altura.

Es una memoria que se ha calentado mi corazón desde hace casi medio siglo.

La luz parpadeante de una vela especial, perfectamente colocada, es hermosa.
por derecho propio, pero todavía me encanta ver mil luces centelleantes en el
oscuridad: árboles, casas, edificios y calles iluminadas y conectadas entre sí
otro por una fuente invisible de poder.

Me gusta pensar en nuestra comunidad de entrenadores así, todos nosotros únicos y brillantes.
a nuestra manera, pero interconectados por mucho más que teléfonos y faxes, fibra
óptica y rayos satelitales, comercio y comercio. Solos, podemos transformar vidas;
Juntos podemos hacer mucho más.

Te deseo una temporada especial llena de amor, fuerza, recuerdos queridos, agradecido
momentos, claridad y generosidad de espíritu. ~ Janice

Hunter es escritor y entrenador certificado por IAC que vive en
Escocia con su esposo y sus dos hijos. Ella se especializa
en coaching hogareño (ayudar a las personas a crear auténtico,
hogares y vidas llenas de espíritu) y también disfruta apoyando
otros entrenadores a través de su escritura y colaboración. Contacto
Janice en

Janice tiene
compiló todas sus piezas de Coaching Moments de la última
dos años en un ebook gratuito de la página 46, 'Momentos de entrenamiento: a
Colección de artículos sobre coaching en la vida cotidiana '

que se puede descargar

o de su

web oficial


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