The Essence of Coaching as a Transformative Process

President’s Letter  |  March 2018

The Essence of Coaching as a Transformative Process, by Pepe del Rio, IAC President

The IAC® definition of coaching is that “Coaching is a transformative process for personal and professional awareness, discovery, growth, and the expansion of possibilities.”

I have always had an abiding connection with the IAC® definition of coaching, along with the values and the code of ethics that the association supports.

Allow me to take a moment to explain my interpretation of the IAC® definition of coaching. The first part states “Coaching is a transformative process for personal and professional awareness.”

Transformation works with the essence of what is being transformed. For example, the essence of a wooden board is the tree. You can turn the board into a music box, and then turn the music box into a table. The essence of the tree will remain.

When we speak of “a transformative process for personal and professional awareness,” the awareness is already present as essence. The job of a coach, through the coaching process, is to accompany the client as he awakens to his essence, even if it is unknown at the beginning.

Where do you put the focus on a transformative process for personal and professional awareness? The coaching process works well when the focus is on the client. The client will discover what he or she has already there and will experience an expansion of consciousness.

Coaching is a process that allows both the client and the coach to live life with a deeper purpose and passion.

I invite you to think about your interpretation of The IAC® definition of Coaching for yourself and your clients.

Since being launched on March 11, 2003, one month after the unexpected death of The International Association of Coaching founder Thomas Leonard, the IAC® has been in constant transformation and growth.

During 2018, I invite you to join us for many IAC® events celebrating our first 15 years as we continue our growth, discovery and the expansion of possibilities.

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Pepe del Rio, IAC President


José Manuel “Pepe” del Río: Executive and career coach. He works with clients from different parts of the world. Founder and Head Coach of the Rio training boutique firm, specializing in Coaching and Logotherapy, which for 22 years has been working with executives and organizations on communication issues and creating leadership and high performance cultures that provide support for people to become the best versions of themselves.

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