Establishing trust is a process rather than an event.



Since I immersed myself in thoughts and feelings about trust for this month’s VOICE I have been blessed with countless opportunities to examine my understanding of trust and my trustworthiness. I watch my infant grandson demonstrate unconditional trust of his parents and me to meet his needs and ensure his safety.

I watch birds trust that their needs for food and nesting are being met by this glorious springtime. My clients express their trust because I am compassionate, consistent and authentic.

The deer, rabbits and chipmunks demonstrate distrust based on their instinctual nature and experience with humans.

Our clients may enter the coaching relationship with distrust based on their expectations and experience.

I am acutely aware that establishing trust, as The Coaching Masteries® #1 guides us, is a process rather than an event. Every coaching conversation is an opportunity to establish trust and begins with the very first session, which is the “Getting to Know You” session and where we establish the coaching relationship.

The masterful coach inquires about the client’s expectations of you the coach, himself or herself as client, and of the coaching relationship you are creating together. During this first session agreements are formed, intentions are voiced and supportive boundaries are clarified.

Often expectations are fear based and forged from past experiences. The sooner these expectations are transformed into powerful intentions the better. The client will begin to trust themselves as guardians of their well being, trust you as their coach and the relationship you are creating together, as a safe place to explore their most creative and vulnerable selves.

During each conversation, when we process in the present with engaged and deep listening, encourage expression and support our clients to open to possibility and their potential to benefit, when we help them to clarify their intention and seek support to honor their intentions, we are in the flow of establishing trust.

As clear communication becomes the foundation of the coaching relationship, trust ensues. Trust is something to nurture and nourish with the guidance of wisdom and the knowledge of love.

Inherent in this level of attention, and the permission our clients will feel to express freely, is the power of the coaching relationship.

     How much do you trust the coaching masteries and yourself, as coach, to masterfully champion your clients for the good and the importance of their dreams, goals, needs and desires?
     How much do you trust the yearning to grow that each of us has to journey towards a peaceful global community for the next 7 generations?

The Path to Mastery and the Path to Success are available to each of us to bolster our skills and deepen our trust and trustworthiness, so we can confidently champion the sanctity, tenacity and tenderness of the human spirit.

This is why our work and service as life coaches is sacred. We cannot do this alone. Our future and the future of the next seven generations depend on our willingness to trust each other.





Martha Pasternack, MMC;  My passion for witnessing the beauty and mystery of life, healthy healing and the promotion of Peace on Earth are integral to my daily life. I have been life coaching since 2004 as a Fearless Living Coach after working 30 years as a health care professional.


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