Exquisite Client Support… Extending the Ripple Effect of Your Coaching

by Melinda Cohan

Impact. Every day we are seeking ways to extend the ripple effects of the support we provide our clients.

But have you ever struggled with how to provide more when your time is already exhausted? How can a coach provide more without working harder? Savvy business owners know a little secret. They’ve integrated what I call Exquisite Client Support to help facilitate the optimal coaching experience.

Support Before The Coaching Session

When the client prepares before the coaching session begins, you can use the time during the actual appointment more efficiently. While this level of support increases the impact of your coaching, automation can ensure that you are not tied to your computer every minute of every day.

Support During The Coaching Session

Did you know that on average, Americans waste 55 minutes per day, 27.5 hours per month or two full months out of every year trying to find stuff they know they have, but can’t find?

When your client notes are organized and accessible, it helps you to be prepared and present for your client. Your client will appreciate that the notes are stored securely and still accessible to you both.

Support After The Coaching Session

When you provide an exquisite level of follow up and support after the coaching session, you deepen the impact of your coaching by supporting the clients to strengthen their learning. As well, you increase the opportunity for revenue by discovering additional topics of coaching for existing clients, and by encouraging referrals to new clients.

Support In-Between The Coaching Sessions

What really takes you to the exquisite level of client support is offering support in between the coaching sessions. This exquisite level of support becomes a value-added benefit to attract prospective clients with your marketing. The key to providing support in between each coaching session is to leverage tools and technology so that you can also leverage your time.

So what type of coaching experience do you desire for your clients to have: Good, Great or Exquisite?


Co-Founder and CEO of The Coaches Console, Melinda Cohan combines spirit and business in a unique manner that allows her to share her knowledge with other coaches to forward their success. Learn from Melinda the top 5 secrets successful business owners use to explode their practice www.coachesconsole.com.



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