Breaking through thought processes that sabotage a
successful coaching practice

by David
Blanchard with Harvey Schoof and Dr. Don Kennedy

from the article:

"…Over the
past three years, using our 6 Advisors™ Assessment Report,
a proprietary application of the mathematical science of
Axiology, I have measured with laser accuracy the thinking
patterns of over 1,400 independent business owners and
conducted in excess of 4,200 hours of one-on-one

"…Have you ever experienced these potential emotionally
paralyzing moments? If so, you are not alone. Over
ninety-eight percent of the independent business owners
and prospective coaches we assessed and interviewed are
experiencing similar thinking patterns…"

"…Our brain is very sensitive to expectations, especially
unrealistic expectations. It is a well-known and
documented fact that when we vividly imagine, our brain
experiences the same brain chemistry that occurs when we
are actually experiencing the event in reality. These
fantasies can be "so real" that our body reacts
physiologically – as if it were actually happening…"

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David Blanchard is the CEO of The Og Group, Inc. a family of companies
which are dedicated to increasing self-awareness, leadership potential,
and sustained positive change through 6 Advisors™ Assessments &
Training, and the stewardship of Og Mandino's perennial best seller The
Greatest Salesman in the World. For more information regarding 6
Advisors™ Assessments, training and coaching, visit www.6advisors.com
or call 1 800 701-2394.

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