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Coaching hits the spot
by Greg Whiting

When I first met Mark, he had lost both focus and direction. His career had stumbled and his efforts to revive it had focused on doing "more of the same," leading to longer hours and more time away from home. This in turn had put a strain on his home life. Fortunately, a friendly voice had recommended coaching.

I found coaching Mark a real pleasure. Within just six months he had made significant changes in just about every aspect of his life. At work, he had gained approval for a new product that was on target to deliver a significant profit within its first year; career-wise he’d been given more responsibility and had gained sponsorship to undertake a Masters Degree; and at home he had re-energised his relationships with his wife and son in a way they were all really enjoying.

The same tool that was guiding our coaching process also helped Mark demonstrate the return-on-investment of his new product. While in the past he had not gotten support for his idea, I was able to help him clarify and build a really strong business case, which proved persuasive. Mark’s career was back on track—and his confidence along with it. He was really enjoying going to work again.

The coaching model that we used had not just covered Mark’s business life. We’d also been able to surface and take action on goals that focused on Mark’s long-term development: his health and well-being; and his relationship with those people about whom he cared the most, his wife and son. The Coaching Scorecard that we produced together served as both a record of what he had achieved and a reminder of what he was aiming for in the future.



Greg Whiting is a Coach at OD Compass. Bullseye Coaching enables coaches to fully evaluate and record the outcomes and results of their coaching, including its value/return on investment. Coaches also get direct, personal performance and benchmarking data. Register at www.bullseye-coaching.com and pay just £25 for your first Coaching Scorecard.



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