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IAC Certification: An invitation to diversity
by Doris Helge, IAC-CC

Since IAC certification is performance based, IAC attracts life-long learners. IAC coaches hunger to master an abundance of advanced coaching strategies. We continue to pack our coaching toolkits with the flexibility and confidence associated with the use of cutting-edge techniques. We value a rich diversity of well-tested approaches.

On a given day, one client may gain "Aha's" from appreciative inquiry skills. The next client perhaps enjoys an adapted NLP exercise. Transactional analysis is perfect for our next client. Then another client arrives and craves a more spiritually-based approach. We transform techniques used in solution-focused therapy into positive psychology coaching. Our understanding of neuroscience boosts our own confidence and is a precious tool for empowering clients. Motivational interviewing skills help us note the stage of change a specific client is demonstrating, so we can plan coaching success.

What a privilege to be an IAC coach. It's so much fun to discover and incorporate variety instead of being limited to "The XYZ Coaching Approach." What an amazing adventure to study diverse techniques and then use precisely what works for each individual client.

We are so grateful that IAC welcomes all effective coaching approaches. IAC coaches consistently use the IAC Coaching Masteries®, intuition and possibility thinking. We validate clients, process in the present and co-create support systems and structures that ensure client success. We nurture clients with an accountability system aligned with their goals, values, passion and life purpose. What an exquisitely designed joyful journey to coaching mastery. IAC is a never-ending delight.


Doris Helge, Ph.D., is an IAC, CTA, RCI and NLS-certified coach, mentor coach and president of the IAC-licensed training school, Confident Coach Connection. She teaches the IAC Coaching Masteries® and advanced coaching skills. Discover more at www.ConfidentCoachConnection.com.



IAC Member Benefit: IAC members save 10% on all Confident Coach Connection training programs including IAC Certification Preparation classes and Advanced Coaching Skills classes. All classes are experiential and virtual. You receive new skill development, mentor coaching and enjoy a warm support network of your peers.

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