From the Editor

live in the midst of great change. In the upper reaches of the northern hemisphere,
it’s fall. Down under, the seasons are moving towards summer. Birds are
migrating. Natural cycles are continuing as they have for centuries. Transitions
of all sorts impact our lives.

In this issue of the Voice, you
can hear how we as coaches can respond to the cycles of change.

  • From our President, Angela Spaxman, you can learn how you can help your
    clients and those around you weather uncertainty during the world economic
    crisis we face.
  • Nina East’s
    Certification Tidbits gives you valuable insight into
    the minds of our Certifiers, helping you to prepare for your transition into
    the role of certified coach.
  • Coaching Moments returns and Janice Hunter brings you some insight into
    the relationship between ultimate transition into the unknown and the coaching
  • Travel brings changes and shifts of its own. One of our
    exclusive member
    benefits is highlighted this month helping you to see new horizons and enjoy
    new scenery.
  • Finally, some of you may be ready to transition into the role of leadership.
    If so, you’re invited into the nomination process for the IAC Board
    of Governors.

matter where you live, you are touched by cycles of change. May these seasons
bring you peace, joy, and fulfillment in your practice of the art and science
of coaching—and beyond.

Guest Editor: IAC Secretary Tara Rodden Robinson

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