From Proficiencies to IAC Coaching Masteries™

An Interview
with IAC Lead Certifier Nina East

Last summer as we were starting our transition
from using the Proficiencies for our standards
for certification, to the Masteries, we
held a couple of tele-conference calls to
help explain the changes. For convenience,
we now have a transcription of the second
call (for members only). Here are some excerpts
of President Natalie Tucker Miller interviewing
Lead Certifying Examiner Nina East.

Nina: “My personal bias also is that
when you learn coaching with the Masteries,
with something this simple, straightforward,
and easy to understand, you will have a
stronger chance to become a masterful coach.
Because it’s so clearly laid out what
masterful coaching is when you use the Masteries.”

Nina: “Whereas in the previous scoring
system Navigating Via Curiosity carried
the same weight that let’s say “Honing
In” might have carried, identifying
what the real issue is. In the Masteries
the use of curiosity is actually less powerful
as a scoring item, which is as it should

Nina: “I suppose if I were to make
some recommendations to coaches who are
considering certification or are in the
process of recording some sessions, or trying
to overcome their fear about asking clients
if they can record their sessions, I would
say consider recording coaching sessions
as a part of what you offer to your clients.”

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to read the whole
interview (for
members only).

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