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What does it take to get certified? Why should I bother to do it? How should I do it?

This month the VOICE shares some perspectives on these questions about certification.

You'll meet IAC's Secretary Bernie Strout and learn her thoughts on certification.

One of our members, Kim Robinson IAC-CC, shares her experiences with getting certified and some tips on how to do it.

The Chair of the Certification Committee, Sali Taylor IAC-CC, reveals more details on the transition to the IAC Masteries.

And in this month's Coaching Moments,
Janice Hunter reminds us of the joy of making choices rather than doing
what we 'should'. You know, although maybe we think we 'should' get
certified, we may not actually have to!

that note, I'm very pleased to be able to announce that Janice did just
become an IAC Certified Coach. Congratulations Janice! Her article also
gives us a hint of how happy she is.


Angela Spaxman

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