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Hello, I'm Angela Spaxman. I'm honoured and excited to be the new Editor of the IAC VOICE.

a new year, you have a new editor and there are many new things
happening at the IAC. Over the coming months, I hope to bring you
answers to the myriad questions you'll have about all the exciting new
systems, events and services that will be coming your way.

In this issue, we've got new information to share about the development and implementation of the IAC Masteries that over time will replace the 15 Proficiencies as the description we use for masterful coaching.

  • Sali Taylor IAC-CC, the Chair of the Certification Committee, answers your questions
    about the implementation of the IAC Masteries. Sali was instrumental in
    encouraging the IAC to develop it's own set of international standards
    for certification and worked for 18 months as the coordinator and team
    leader for Phase 1 and Phase 3 of the development of the Masteries. In
    2004 she was awarded the Thomas J. Leonard "T" Award for contributing
    to the evolution of coaching. As such, she is very well-placed to
    explain the Masteries and how they will be used.
  • Des Walsh, one of the dedicated team members on the Masteries development team, shares his experiences with the development process and gives some insights into the intentions, methods and frameworks that were used.
  • An announcement
    from 6 Advisors, a coach training organization, confirms the value of
    the IAC certification system for coaches, coaching organizations and,
    of course, coaching clients.

I'm also very excited to announce that with the support of Multiple Stream of Coaching wizard Andrea Lee, we are planning for the IAC's first Annual Tele-Summit.
We want to create a highly accessible, interactive conference to share
great thinking in the coaching world. As I live in Hong Kong, I can
hardly wait for a chance to connect with the best minds in coaching
worldwide right from my own living room! More on this event in the
coming months.

As we go through 2007, if you ever have questions that are not addressed here, please drop me a line at


Angela Spaxman

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