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In keeping with the season, our theme for this month’s
VOICE is gratitude. This is especially poignant for me,
and I’ll tell you why in a moment.

But first, I’d like to draw your attention to the article
by Jean Gran, IAC-CC on why you should consider becoming a
paid member of the IAC. As our Treasurer, Jean is perhaps
more aware than anyone of the need for the IAC to generate
revenue to cover financial costs. And it’s more than that.
As Jean wisely points out:

As a prosperity coach working with individuals, I have
noticed that people’s relationship with money is often a
reflection of their relationship with themselves. Have you
noticed how hard it can be to ask others to pay us for the
benefits we offer if we don’t value ourselves? The same
can be said for the IAC as an organization. The time has
come for the IAC to recognize the value it provides and to
ask members for dues in return.

What value does being an IAC member bring to you? Are you
taking advantage of all your
membership benefits? Are you clear on why we
will be charging dues starting in 2007? Please let us know
what you’re thinking.

On another note, Janice Hunter’s
Coaching Moments column
is back this month. You won’t want to miss her
reflections on the holiday season, especially her coach’s
version of “The 12 Days of Christmas”. Janice invites you
to “sing along with a smile before you tackle the rest of
your email inbox!”

I mentioned above that this month’s VOICE is a poignant
one for me. That’s because this is my last issue as

When I accepted the Editorship nine months ago, my goal
was to re-establish the VOICE as a reliable and respected
means of communication with IAC members. With the help of
a wonderful team – most particularly
Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC and Angela Spaxman – I feel
I have accomplished that goal.

Now it’s time to pass the torch so that I have time for
new projects that are calling me.
And of course, I’ll be staying involved with the IAC as an
active member and Certifier.


The good news is that Angela Spaxman will be the new Editor starting in January. Angela
is the Board of Directors liaison for communications, and
as an organized, hard-working and well-informed Board
member she is perfectly suited to be VOICE Editor. 

It has been an honor to be your Editor, and I am grateful.
Thank you.


Barbra Sundquist, IAC-CC
Editor, IAC Voice


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