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I’m excited to let you know that IAC President, Natalie
Tucker Miller, IAC-CC will be interviewed on “Voice of
America Business Radio
” on behalf of the IAC on
Thursday Nov 30th 11am Pacific time. Natalie’s interview is part of Elana S. Daley’s “R.E.A.P.
What You S.O.W.” series, and promises to be great exposure
for the IAC and coaching in general.

This month our Vice President, Diane Krause-Stetson, IAC-CC
writes about what it means to be part of the IAC, and how
we as members can contribute, whether it’s through time,
ideas or membership dues. I think you’ll enjoy her

And speaking of Diane, you may recall last month’s article
where she described the thinking behind our name change
from “International Association of Coaching” to
“International Association of Coaching”. In that article
she made reference to an essay by Lable Braun about the
significance of “coach as a noun” versus “coaching as a
verb”. I really liked Lable’s article and have included it

Do you find it hard to believe that it’s already November
and the holiday season is fast approaching? For those of
us who celebrate the holidays with gift-giving, this short
article gives suggestions for “coach-like”
gifts with meaning.

Finally, I know you’re probably wondering where Janice
Hunter’s Coaching Moments column has been these past two
months. We’ve had so many IAC announcements that we
haven’t had room for Coaching Moments, but rest assured
the popular column will be back soon.

Until next
month, enjoy!


Barbra Sundquist, IAC-CC
Editor, IAC Voice


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