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I have a
confession to make: I never deliberately set out to have a
theme for the VOICE. And yet I regularly receive
congratulatory emails that say "I loved the theme of x
this month" or "The x theme was very apparent". Although
I'm happy to take credit for being such a smart editor, I
must confess that the themes sort of just happen.

This month
is no exception. It wasn't until I read over the draft
issue that I realized that both the feature article and
the Coaching Moments column address the theme of
celebrating differences. Once again, a theme emerges

To start,
Margaret Lobenstine’s feature article on what she terms
"Renaissance Souls", helps us understand and make the most
of different personal styles. To learn about Renaissance
Souls and what makes these folks tick, be sure to read
Margaret's article below.

And in
Different Coaches, Different
, Janice Hunter shares how listening to
diverse coaching styles in classes helped her to recover
and celebrate her own unique voice.

about who's involved with running the IAC? This month our
President Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC
Board of Governors member Heidi Holihan
Heidi also serves as Chair of the Strategic Planning
Committee, and as such has the IAC's long term vision
clearly in her scope. Heidi's expertise in leading virtual
teams helps the IAC stay on course while taking on new
challenges at every turn.

Until next
month, enjoy!


Barbra Sundquist, IAC-CC
Editor, IAC Voice


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