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What makes an elite performer? Do elite performers differ
across professions?
And can elite performance be developed?

These are some of the questions that intrigued Dr. Ray
Metcalfe, a psychological researcher and elite performer
consultant. To find the answers, he undertook a
comprehensive nine year study of over 15,000 elite
performers throughout North America. We’re pleased to
present a summary of his research results in the article
“What Coaches Need to Know About Elite Performers” below.

Starting this month, our President Natalie Tucker Miller,
IAC-CC will devote her “Ask the President” column to
introducing some of the folks who make the IAC such a
great organization. This month Natalie profiles M. Parker
Anderson, a dynamic and committed member of our Board of

Many of you
have written asking about IAC Member Benefits.  Be
sure to check out the article in this issue that addresses
member benefits.

And you’ll be happy to know that Janice Hunter is back
with a lovely Coaching Moments column called “My Life is
the Session I Want to Get a Passing Grade For”. I must say
that this is my favorite Coaching Moments column to date.

Until next month, enjoy!


Barbra Sundquist, IAC-CC
Editor, IAC Voice


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