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With summer
upon us are you able to take some extra time to pause and
reflect? I’ve been spending quite a few warm afternoons
lounging on my front porch, watching the arbutus leaves
flutter to the ground (they shed year-round), listening to
the birds and sipping lemonade.

Although it may look as though I’m doing nothing, in fact
I’m thinking, reflecting and planning. One of the things
that I’ve been thinking about is how to take my coaching
work beyond the standard for-profit model. I’ve long
wondered about this, and have recently been investigating
some online resources that provide inspiring models. I’ll
be telling you more about what I’m learning in future
issues of the VOICE.

While on the topic of reflection, in our new book review
column, IAC member Julia Menard recommends the book
of Silence: A Sacred Journey through the Hours of the Day

This book, by Benedictine monk David Steindl-Rast,
suggests that each day have “eight seasons” ranging from
“prime” (working time) to “laud” (“applaud” – the time for
expressing gratefulness) to vespers and completion. I
think you’ll enjoy Julia’s summary of the eight seasons of
the day.

In Answers from the President I ask Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC to tell us more about all the volunteers who
support the IAC’s vision. I was particularly interested to
hear about the incredible response that the IAC has had
from members who want to volunteer their time and talents.
That’s so exciting!

Coaching Moments columnist Janice Hunter is taking this
month off for a family holiday to Greece, but rest assured
her popular column will be back next month.


Barbra Sundquist, IAC-CC
Editor, IAC Voice


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