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picture of riverMy
transition back into college life as a graduate student has been an
equally fun, rewarding, and challenging experience. To switch back
into a world of homework and constant assignments was something I
looked forward to for several years – but, of course, now that
I’m here I think I must’ve been crazy to take this plunge!
Lucky for me, I live in an area that provides many beautiful places
for relaxation and reflection, like the river pictured above. And,
despite the fact that my life has become a whirlwind, it is a whirlwind
of things I love.

I find this sentiment echoing in our articles this month: Our contributors
discuss the theme of resilience and overcoming the challenges of pursuing a
career that you are passionate about. They also consider the certification process,
facing new life changes, and finding footing in leadership positions. Hopefully
you can relate to these thoughts and these words resonate with you!

How have you enjoyed the VOICE these past few months? Is there something you’d
like to see more or less of? Please feel free to contact us at
with comments, questions, event notices, or article contributions. We love hearing
from you.

I hope you are all finding the joy in the chaos of your day-to-day lives!

Beth Ann

Beth Ann Miller


Ann Miller is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing and is a native
New Englander. She has a professional background in editing and higher
education, and enjoys working with youths in the arts. Her stories
have appeared in online and print journals and she is perpetually
at work on new creative projects.




the President
– Susan Meyer

Join Susan in contemplating resilience in coaching and why coaches
do what they do.

6 Essentials – Leanne Chan
Learn about Leanne’s journey into leadership and how she finds
the Masteries in every facet of her process.

the Certifiers: Trusting the Masteries
– Natalie Tucker

Natalie answers two questions about the challenges of the certification
process and how to best utilize the Masteries.

Mastery #4 Processing in the Present
– Martha Pasternack

As Martha visited a beautiful family property, she found ways to embrace
impending life changes with the help of the Masteries.

Another Way?
– Nicola Bird

The life of a coach can be a busy one! Nicola suggests alternate avenues
to pursing your coaching passion.

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Dates and links to the November Open Chat, hosted by Pepe del Rio
– a special edition for our Spanish-speaking friends!

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