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Picture of a sunsetLike
most years, it seems like summer is flying by. It has been a busy
season for me, spending time with friends and family, preparing to
relocate for graduate school and, of course, enjoying these warm summer
nights! The IAC has been equally busy, hosting all exciting events
around the world. We’ve included some pictures and updates about
some of these events in this month’s issue – be sure to
check them out below.

Some of you may have missed the webinar, IAC Masteries with Natalie Tucker
Miller, hosted by Krishna Kumar. Have no fear! It is accessible in the “Webinars
and Slideshows” section of the IAC website, found here,
along with other recorded presentations.

We’ve got great content this month for you to peruse, covering everything
from the value of an IAC certification, sharing coaching with younger generations,
the importance of authenticity and trust, etc. Happy reading!

Please feel free to contact us at
with comments, questions, event notices, or article contributions. We love hearing
from you!

Beth Ann

Beth Ann Miller


Ann Miller holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and is a native New Englander.
She has a professional background in editing and higher education,
as well as working with youths in the arts. Her stories have appeared
in small online and print journals and she is perpetually at work
on new creative projects.




the President
– Susan Meyer

Susan reminds us how important it is to care for ourselves and describes
a successful support network of Cheerleaders, Comforters, Clarifiers
and Confronters.

the Masteries: A Journey in IAC Certification
– Terri Hase

Reflections on the IAC certification process – and how it changed
this coach’s life.

Ask the Certifiers: Clarify
Natalie Tucker Miller

What to do when a coach “misses or ignores what is most important”?

Establishing and Maintaining a Relationship
of Trust
– Martha Pasternack

It is easy to struggle with authenticity and trust. Martha shares
what a positive influence they have been on both her personal and
professional life.

How Coaching Dream Enablers Empower
Student Coaching
– Leanne Chan

Leanne revisits a meeting that discussed the importance of introducing
coaching to younger generations.

The International Leadership & Coaching

Check out photos from the IAC co-sponsored event: the International
Leadership & Coaching Conference 2013 that was held in Bangalore,
India in June 2013.

Member Chat Calls
Dates and links to the August Member Chats, hosted by Vicki Zanini.

New Masteries Practitioners

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