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Miller family photoEvery
Memorial Day weekend, my family gathers from near and far to unite
at my grandfather’s house. We bring food and stories to share
and spend three days laughing, dancing, and filling each other in
on the time that has gone by. This past weekend, despite the rain
(and snow!), we had another wonderful time.

While we don’t have a very large family, we have “adopted”
many friends into our quirky little world, thus our reunions are peppered with
all kinds of interesting people. We take a group photo at every gathering, and
represent absentees with their names written on inanimate objects – say,
rakes or brooms – and include them in the group shot (as you can see in
my photo this month.) Even when our loved ones are not present, they are very
much on our minds; and although we lead entirely different lives and grow in
various directions, we find a way to unite and connect.

It has become clear to me that within the IAC community, the Masteries are
regarded in a similar way; they are always relevant and even as the world rapidly
changes, the Masteries mesh in with that inevitable growth. This month, our
fabulous contributors weave the Masteries and the art of awareness into their
articles. From a fish market in Seattle, to the world of strategic planning,
to Indian Country, we cover a lot of ground.

you to all involved with the VOICE for your continued support. I hope
you are looking forward to seeing where the VOICE takes us next month!
Please let us know if you have questions, comments, or interest in
We always look forward to your insight.

Beth Ann

Beth Ann Miller


Beth Ann Miller
holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and is a native New Englander. She
has a professional background in editing and higher education, as
well as working with youths in the arts. Her stories have appeared
in small online and print journals and she is perpetually at work
on new creative projects.



the President
– Susan Meyer

Susan shares how the IAC Coaching Masteries® have shown up in
(and enhanced) her life recently, and announces many upcoming exciting
opportunities for IAC members.

Where Lifeless Fish and Coaching Meet
– Lucía Murphy

A unique trip to a Seattle fish market teaches you how to strengthen
your relationship with your clients and make every session with them

Thought Word and Deed – Martha

Can you communicate without understanding a language? Martha ruminates
on connecting at a deeper level with your clients by listening to
more than their words.

Embrace the Future with Strategic Questions
– Alex Carter

Alex discusses how leaders can keep up with the rapidly changing world
by considering the right questions.

Mastery #3 Infographic
Natalie Tucker Miller

Notice how Mastery #3, Engaged Listening, is supported by the other
masteries as we continue our Masteries infographic series.

Check out the many upcoming opportunities for coaches. Virtual Chapter
meetings, live webcasts of the International Leadership and Coaching
Conference, and Member Benefit teleseminars!

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