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VOICE April 2013 imageHello
and welcome to the April 2013 issue of the IAC VOICE! It has been a pleasure
becoming better acquainted with this community as I find my footing as editor.

Last weekend, I traveled to the Adirondacks and spent a few days alone in a
cabin in the woods. Without phone or internet, I was invited to appreciate the
silence and the time that stretched before me. In many ways it was a challenge,
but ultimately it was an incredible learning experience; being truly alone and
allowing my thoughts to wander organically. I found myself answering some of
my own life questions and returning to the “real world” with a renewed
approach to communicating with my coworkers, friends, and family.

Our articles this month serendipitously speak of the value of silence, growth,
and communication. The contributors this month come from various backgrounds
and skills. Our hope is to cover many spectrums for every reader of the VOICE;
from beginners to experts to anything in between. I hope you appreciate these
unique perspectives as much as I did!

In addition to our articles, President Susan Meyer reminds us of the rewards
of volunteering and shares many opportunities with us. Dates for member chats
and webinars are listed below. We’ve also decided to introduce a new element
to the VOICE that we hope adds a little humor to your day. Please see below
for a list of what April’s issue of the VOICE has to offer you.

As always, submissions to the VOICE are encouraged. I would love to hear new
voices and thoughts about the IAC and the coaching community – after all,
I am still learning. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, comments,
or contributions at


Beth Ann

Beth Ann Miller


Ann Miller holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and is a native New Englander.
She has a professional background in editing and higher education,
as well as working with youths in the arts. Her stories have appeared
in small online and print journals and she is perpetually at work
on new creative projects.



the President
– Susan Meyer

Susan shares the values of volunteering and the many opportunities

Using Silence as the Powerful Coaching
Tool it is
– Martha Pasternack

What can we accomplish without words? Martha explores the possibilities.

Celebrating Love and Humanity
Natalie Tucker Miller

A beautiful story from South Africa displays how the Masteries are
present everywhere.

Surprise! What Coaching Taught me about
– Sue Johnston

Sue’s experience discovering what “real” communication
is all about.

Clairvoyant Coaching – Prakash

Prakash shares his personal view of coaching and his relationship
with proverbs and the Masteries.

Mastery #8 Meme
… because sometimes we need a little humor to brighten our day.

Pulse of Coaching Webinar – Kim
Ades, Member Benefits Provider

Explore this opportunity to learn from Member Benefits Providers in
a new webinar series.

Open Chats

Become a part of an exciting new IAC initiative, hosted by
Peter Rusznak.

Certified Coaches

Licensed Schools

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