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Welcome to the January 2013 issue of the IAC VOICE!

President's Message–Renewal, Retooling and Re-Visioning at the
Susan R. Meyer, MMC

There are many important announcements in today’s issue, including new
designations for IAC-certified coaches, upcoming events, new BOG members, a
call for volunteers, and opportunities for chapters, licensees and research
scholars. Click to read more.

The IAC Coaching Masteries: A Beautiful Interdependence-Mastery #2
Inside Scoop–Natalie Tucker Miller, MMC

With such good feedback from the other graphics, Natalie decided to press forward
with another Mastery infographic this month, which demonstrates how Mastery
#2 interacts with the other IAC Coaching Masteries. Click
to read more

Online Payment: A Quick Way to Make More Money in Your Coaching Practice
Featured Member Benefit–Sara Sims,

This month's featured member benefit is about accepting online payments on your
website. Sara Sims from CoachingWebsites shares her recommendations and explains
why coaches should make this move sooner rather than later. Click
here to read more

Research-Based Coaching Mastery
Perceived Leadership Self-Efficacy and Coach Competence: Assessing a Coaching-Based
Leadership Self-Efficacy Scale
This month's research article evaluates a self-efficacy scale as a potential
assessment tool for coaching-based leadership qualities. Click here
to read the summary

Don’t Sweat the Dry Spots–Use Them
Alex Carter

Every organization has cycles of activity that can change depending on funding,
seasons, legislative sessions or other outside influences. In this month's feature
coaching article, Alex Carter describes how she coached one nonprofit executive
through a period of lost focus. Click
to read more

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Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC® VOICE

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