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Welcome to the October 2012 issue of the IAC VOICE!

President's Message – Communities of Practice
Susan R. Meyer, MCC (IAC)

Susan R. Meyer had a powerful insight while attending a recent women's business
conference, and she's putting it into practice immediately to better serve IAC
members. If you've ever felt isolated as a coach, or if traditional meetings
just don't work for you, have a look at what she is offering. Scroll down or
click to read more.

Ask the Certifiers is Going Live
Inside Scoop – Natalie Tucker Miller, MCC (IAC)

Aside from Susan's new event, Lead Certifier Natalie Tucker Miller is announcing
another new opportunity to engage with IAC leaders. The first of these quarterly
events will take place on January 18, 2013, and you can read more in this month's
Inside Scoop. Click
to read more

Difficult Client Behaviors? New Tools for Coaching Confidence and Success
Featured Member Benefit – Doris Helge, MCC (IAC), Confident Coach Connection

This month's featured member benefit is the Confident Coach Connection training
programs including IAC certification preparation classes and advanced coaching
and business-building classes. Founder Doris Helge shares insightful tips that
will help you move past frustration into confidence and coaching magic. Scroll
down to view the full article, or click to read the article online.

A Personal Manifesto, Why You Need One
Marcy Nelson-Garrison

This month's feature article explores the popularity of the manifesto. Marcy
Nelson-Garrison calls the manifesto "a creative and exciting way to
take a stand for your wisdom, develop a message that resonates deeply with your
ideal client and create a true north guidance system for business decisions.
What a powerful foundation for your coaching business!"
Curious? Click
to read more

The Three V’s of Listening
Tools for Coaching Mastery – Aileen Gibb

Inspired in part by her work with sound therapist Gary Diggins, Aileen Gibb
presents three aspects of listening that will help coaches deepen this skill
that is so integral to the masterful practice of coaching. Click
to read more

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