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Welcome to the April 2011 issue of the IAC VOICE!

In today's issue, IAC President Bob Tschannen-Moran shares an excerpt of his address to the recent coaching conference co-sponsored by the Chinese Professional Coach Development Association and the International Association of Coaching in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Our featured member benefit this month is Westminster Indemnity, and their article highlights the importance of liability insurance. Think this doesn't relate to you? Think again!

Volunteer Coordinator Tatiana Abend has news from the volunteer department—she has been accomplishing some wonderful things in this role!

IAC's Lead Certifier Natalie Tucker Miller tackled another tricky question this month—this time it was "What’s the fastest path to coach certification?" As you'll see, there's not one simple answer.

In Living the Masteries, Alison Davis presents an article from BOG member Alberto Calderón that continues last month's exploration of Mastery Two.

Deborah Williamson is back with another Tools for Coaching Mastery column. From her unique perspective as a Yoga Life Coach™, she explores how coaching allows us to flip the switch from human being to Higher Being.

In our first feature article, "Direct Communication," Marion Franklin presents some of the fears, pitfalls and truths behind this crucial skill of coaching mastery.

Next, Suzi Pomerantz explores the intersection of leadership and business development: a powerful place she calls innovative influence.

Our 2011 submission guidelines for the VOICE are available on the website. Submissions are welcome anytime through the month.

Please contact me with your article ideas and your feedback about this issue. Enjoy!

Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC® VOICE

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