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Welcome to the June issue of the IAC VOICE. I'm excited to announce that we are entered in the Best of Coaching Blogs 2010 content, hosted by IAC-licensee School of Coaching Mastery. Last year we placed in the Top 10, and that brought us more exposure and I'm sure has increased our readership. To succeed again this year, we'll need your support.

Please visit and "vote up" our entry (you may need to scroll through the pages to find our listing). While you're there, please check out the other wonderful coaching blogs.

According to the contest rules, you can vote for as many blogs as you like, but you can only vote for each blog once during the entire contest.

How do you sum up hundreds of hours of work in six words? President Bob Tschannen-Moran tells us in another inspirational President's Message. Board of Governors (BOG) Secretary Susan R. Meyer keeps up-to-date with new additions to the Board and committees.

June's featured member benefit is JournalEngine, and you can read a powerful example of how one coach used an online coaching platform to support and empower a woman coping with an unimaginable loss.

Our featured coaching article is from Angela Spaxman, Past-President of IAC, and explores how to talk about spirituality with your coaching clients. Our featured business-building article from Sue Johnston is about another type of conversation, one that many coaches dread and avoid—yes, you guessed it, it's how to handle the money talk.

Our Inside Scoop column answers the very common question: can coaching mastery carry over from other professions? Finally, Bonnie Chan joins Alison Davis this week with her story about Living the Masteries, called Tea Time.

Are you on Twitter? You can follow our VOICE authors and columnists as well as some of the IAC BOG members. Simply visit or subscribe to the list from your Twitter account.

Our 2010 submission guidelines for the VOICE are available on the website. Please submit your articles or ideas by June 9th for the July 1st issue or by July 14th for the August 5th issue.

Please contact me with your article ideas and your feedback about this issue. Enjoy!

Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC® VOICE

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