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Welcome to the April issue of the VOICE! In IAC news this month, President Bob Tschannen-Moran is featured in the most recent issue of choice, the magazine of professional coaching (read a copy of the article). In his VOICE column, Bob explores the IAC's identity as a learning organization, while Susan R. Meyer's Board of Governors (BOG) Action News includes updates on the IAC's Strategic Plan as well as other projects.

Before I introduce our new column, I want to express my gratitude to Janice Hunter for her rich contribution to this newsletter. Barbra Sundquist, Janice's first editor here at the VOICE, offered these thoughts:

The VOICE had just been reactivated after being dormant for a while. I was the new Editor. I knew Janice from my BACC program, I knew she had deep insight and I knew she liked to write. I asked her if she would like to be a columnist and the rest is history! While I can’t remember who came up with the name, I asked Janice to write about "how coaching shows up in everyday life."

Janice and I were always in perfect sync as editor and writer—I so appreciated her contributions and she appreciated the opportunity to write for a coaching audience. When I think back about Janice's contributions to the VOICE and the IAC, these three things stand out the most:

1. Her dedication—she is the longest serving regular contributor to the VOICE
2. What a truly great writer she is
3. How many of her articles brought me to tears

Thank you, Barbra! Thank you, Janice!!

While Janice's Coaching Moments column can never be replicated or replaced, the IAC Communications Committee wanted to continue to explore how coaching intersects with daily life. So we asked Alison Davis to expand on what she wrote in her January 2010 article, The Coaching Masteries—Foundations for Living.

In her new column, Living the Masteries, Alison will compile stories from coaches around the globe who are finding inspiration for their day-to-day lives from the IAC Coaching Masteries®. This month, she introduces coach Erika Anderson, who tells us how she brought coaching into her marriage.

If you have a story to share, please contact Alison using this form:

We also welcome your questions about the certification process (, so that Natalie Tucker Miller and her team of certifiers can answer them in the Inside Scoop—Ask the Certifiers column. This month's column is a response to the question, "Is there room for personal style in the IAC Coaching Masteries®?"

Julia Stewart asks a question of her own in the Tools for Coaching Mastery column, with What does coaching mastery even mean?

Our first feature article this month is from Spanish sculptor Jabier Ans, who entices us with the power of the retreat. Then, Angela Dimos writes about how to brand your business, touching on everything from the Nike tick to executive coaching to Facebook.

Are you on Twitter? You can follow our VOICE authors and columnists as well as some of the IAC BOG members. Simply visit or subscribe to the list from your Twitter account.

Our 2010 submission guidelines for the VOICE are available on the website. Please submit your articles or ideas by April 14th for the May 6th issue or by May 12th for the June 3rd issue.

Please contact me with any article ideas and your feedback about this issue. Enjoy!

Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC® VOICE

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  1. What a great launch! This space will bring a lot of happiness to contributors and readers alike. I’ve often said that it would be great for humankind if our coaching values became a way of life for more than just coaches. Good luck!

  2. Thank you, Linda and Barbra. Writing for VOICE has been an honour, and one of the happiest parts of my life for the last four years. It’s been wonderful to see VOICE go from strength to strength under your leadership and Angela’s.

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