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As the season is changing, some faces at the IAC are changing as well. Angela Spaxman has more details about that in her President's Message, as well as some reflections about the ongoing IAC strategy calls. I was pleased to be part of this process, and I love how Susan Meyer sums up the experience:

"If you haven't been on an IAC Strategy call yet, you're missing a great experience. Dave Ellis is an excellent facilitator, and the entire process is inspiring both on a personal level and in terms of the future of the profession.

As the group moved though the process, I enjoyed hearing colleagues I know and respect but don't have many opportunities to speak with. I heard many of my own ideas and concerns supported and expanded on by other participants. I heard new ideas that expanded my own thinking about coaching.

These calls are the perfect way to keep IAC in the forefront of all that is innovative in our profession, while, at the same time, sparking ideas for innovation in our own work. As Dave stretched us to think further and further into the future, it was challenging and exciting to envision coaching practices woven into practically every aspect of an individual's life. It was inspiring to hear the list of possibilities for new delivery systems and new partnerships.

I came away from the call challenged to think more deeply about my own practice and about ways to contribute more fully to this amazing profession. What a wonderful growth opportunity!"

You can read more about the calls in my article below, and IAC members can find out how to join in the four remaining calls.

I'm thrilled to present a feature article from Lagos, Nigeria this month, as Folake Oluwole discusses the Sin of Assumption and gives us a glimpse into the shifting organizational culture in her part of the world.

With so many coaches branching out into other streams of income, Susan Fuller is here to help with her article, The 3 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Creating Your New Product.

Beginning with a powerful and thought-provoking introductory statement, Natalie Tucker Miller shares a very important lesson in our licensee column this month, as she explores the theme of Coaching and the Elder Years.

Inside Scoop – Lessons from the Certifier continues a theme from July's column. Karen Van Cleve and Nina East have partnered up again to take a closer look at the concept of mastery.

And as you enjoy your Coaching Moments this month, you may just find yourself itching to sort through that pile of magazines or finally root through your junk drawer. You'll be spurred on as you read how Janice Hunter took care of her Life Laundry.

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Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC® VOICE

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