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We made the Top 10! Our VOICE blog was a
winner in IAC licensee School of Coaching Mastery's Best Coaching Blogs competition. I know I mentioned last month that we hadn't made the next
round of voting, but since then there was a glitch that led to the contest
starting all over again. Thank you to Julia Stewart and the School of Coaching
Mastery for this wonderful opportunity to share our work with the greater
coaching community, and others who want to learn about coaching.

In July's President's
, Angela Spaxman explores another one of the IAC's primary values –
collaboration – and she introduces a wonderful
for both IAC members and VOICE subscribers to collaborate in
determining the very future of the coaching profession.

UK Coach Richard Fox presents a creative tool for working with clients who are dealing
with an issue that has multiple components.

Pamela Slim, author of Escape from
Cubicle Nation
, has a special question for part-time coaches or anyone
taking the leap from a full-time job to a dream career. Whether it's for you or
a client, this article is sure to spark some entrepreneurial

Andrea Lee is back at the helm of our Tools for Coaching Mastery column this month, with her unique
ponderings on the passage of time.

For today's Inside
Scoop – Lessons from the Certifiers
, Nina East partnered up with another
veteran IAC certifier, Karen Van Cleve, and they co-wrote an article that
presents the simple (but not easy), straightforward (but not quick) route to
becoming a masterful coach.

I love watching crime drama on television,
and some of my favourite scenes occur in the courtroom. But a courtroom is the
last place I would expect to find any Coaching
. Leave it to our Janice Hunter to bring her insights and integrity
to a challenging situation like jury duty.

for the VOICE are available on the website, including submission
dates for our upcoming issues. I would love to receive your article submissions
by July 20th for the August issue, or August 17th for the September

Please contact me with your article
ideas and your feedback about this

Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC® VOICE

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