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The School of Coaching Mastery, an IAC Coaching Masteries® Licensee,
is running a contest through the month of June to choose the Best Coaching Blogs
of 2009. The IAC VOICE blog was entered, but unfortunately we've already been

We'd still like to support this
contest though, so please visit the blog
contest website
to read and vote on these excellent blogs.

Vote now at:

today's issue we get to hear more about CAM '09, the Conversation Among Masters. Sue Brundege put together some reflections from each of the
four IAC Board of Governors members who attended. Her experience at CAM definitely
influenced Angela's President's Message this month, as we read
her newly solidified affirmations of how the IAC expresses its values and "walks
its talk."

members will be happy to hear about a brand new membership benefit
from Contra Coaching, and the Queen of Contra herself, Dr. Kerryn Griffiths,
also contributed an article about peer coaching.

have two excellent feature articles this month. In her exploration of
, coach and educator Leni Wildflower discusses how coaches can draw
from other disciplines and how this may help improve our credibility.

Suzi Pomerantz delivers an article that is jam-packed with solid
business-building tips
. She offers some of the clearest definitions of networking,
marketing and sales that I have ever seen.

month's Tools for Coaching Mastery column is brought to us from the IAC's newest
certifier, Alison Davis (we
introduced Alison in April
). She writes about the fascinating subject of
Spiritual Intelligence.

the Inside Scoop – Lessons from the Certifiers, Nina East
delves into the last of the IAC Coaching Masteries®, Mastery
#9. But don't worry! She and the other certifiers have some wonderful things planned for future issues
– all designed to help you become a more masterful coach and to achieve
IAC certification.

Birds, Bees and Blogging, Janice Hunter introduces you to
her new houseguest, and talks about her continuing search for balance in her
own creative nest.

for the VOICE are available on the website, including submission
dates for our upcoming issues. I would love to receive your article submissions
by June 15th for the July issue, or July 20th for the August issue.

contact me
with your article ideas and your feedback
about this issue.

Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC® VOICE

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