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There is lots of food for thought in this
month's issue. IAC President Angela Spaxman describes some pivotal moments of connecting, visualizing and clarifying. In fact, she and
several IAC Board of Governors members recently connected at the amazing CAM
(Conversations Among Masters) Conference. Watch for highlights of their
experiences in our June issue.

In other IAC news, Communications Chair
Sue Brundege brings an announcement about the newly revised
Coaching Masteries® E-Book
, and Chapter Liaison Mike Goonan
explains the difference between an IAC chapter and an IAC
Coaching Masteries® Licensee

Speaking of IAC Chapters, Singapore has
the newest one! In today's issue they share some details about their chapter's launch event in March, and Chapter President Teo
Jin Lee provided an article for our Tools for Coaching Mastery column. I'm sure
most of our readers can relate to the topic Coaching in
Turbulent Times

In our feature articles this month, Jack
LaValley draws some interesting parallels between the fields of coaching and adult education, and co-authors Jane
Burka and Lenora Yuen help us battle
– in our clients and ourselves!

In her Coaching
column, Janice starts with an empty jug and fills our hearts and
minds with a touching piece about some beloved pieces of crockery, and Nina East
provides a very inviting article about Mastery

for the VOICE are available on the website, including submission
dates for our upcoming issues. I would love to receive your article submissions
by May 18th for the June issue, or June 15th for the July issue.

Please contact me with your article
ideas and your feedback about this

Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC


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