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Snowed inHello there,

This past month my home in seacoast New Hampshire has been slammed with snowstorm after snowstorm. As a teacher and a student, it was hard for me not to stress out about the multiple snow days my university had to take. It threw off my class planning, meetings had to be rescheduled, and there were many days I was stranded inside my house because the roads were impassible. I spent hours and hours worrying that there was no way I could get everything done when Mother Nature kept throwing me curveballs. Eventually, I was able to appreciate the weather for what it was truly offering: an opportunity to relax. I hope whatever area in the world you’re in, whatever the weather, you’re able to find these moments to relax, too! They certainly are important.

This month our contributors offer updates about new progress and changes at the IAC, better understanding of coaching triad dynamics, and how to best embrace our own unique experiences. Please enjoy and comment, create a discussion!

Is there something you’d like to see in the VOICE? A particular subject you’d like us to address? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with comments, questions, event notices, or article contributions. We are always looking for new perspectives and look forward to hearing from you.

Beth Ann

Beth Ann Miller


Beth Ann Miller is an MFA candidate in Writing and is a native New Englander. She has a professional background in editing and higher education, and enjoys working with youths in the arts. Her stories have appeared in online and print journals and she is perpetually at work on new creative projects.




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New Masteries Practitioners

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