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I would like to open today's issue of VOICE with an exciting update from Sue
Brundege, Chair of the IAC® Communications Committee:

"I'm pleased to officially announce the arrival of our new IAC®
This blog is a repository of our VOICE newsletter archives. The blog categories
reflect our VOICE features and columns; the blog also includes a search function
and the ability for readers to leave comments. Many thanks to everyone for their
work on this effort, and most particularly to Diana McFarlane, who made it happen!
Please take a look at the blog when you get a chance, and feel free to post
any questions, comments, and suggestions you might have."

In other news from the web, IAC® members are creating a stir over on the
New Coach Connections blog, where Don Morris has put together an intriguing
podcast series called
Innovations and Trends in Coaching. So far the series
has included:

Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC® Past President (click to listen), Des Walsh,
IAC® Board of Governors Chairman (click to listen), Diane Krause-Stetson,
former IAC® Board of Governors member (click to listen) and feature author
in today's issue and Angela Spaxman, IAC® President (click to listen).

Perhaps spurred on by the chat with Don, Angela's
President's Message clearly
shows that she is looking forward and thinking big.

Want a peek behind the scenes? We're pleased to introduce the IAC®'s newest
certifier, Elizabeth Nofziger. And helping you on the journey to certification
is Nina East's latest installment of the Inside Scoop, exploring
Mastery #6–Clarifying.

In this month's Tools for Coaching Mastery column, IAC® licensee Joseph
Liberti answers the question, What Does Emotional Intelligence Have to do with

Especially for newer coaches, coach and author Aryanne Oade presents the most
common challenges you might face when starting and running a coaching business.

Established coaches, if you've been thinking about how to give back, Diane
Krause-Stetson shares the inspiring story of The Coaching Initiative–how it came to be, how it works and how you can contribute.

Janice Hunter takes us on a treasure hunt of words and wisdom, opening our
minds to the Coaching Moments that are just waiting to be discovered.

Submission guidelines for the VOICE are now available on the website. I would
love to receive your article submissions or article ideas by March 16th for
the April issue or April 20th for the May issue.

As always, your
feedback about this issue is greatly appreciated.

Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC
Editor, IAC® VOICE

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