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Happy New Year to all of our subscribers! As we turn the page on another calendar
year I am excited about the new developments in the IAC and in the VOICE.

In her
President's report, Angela introduces several new members of the Board
of Governors.

We have a new name for an existing column – Certification Tidbits has
become The Inside Scoop – Lessons from the Certifiers, and Nina East delivers
another helpful installment there today about Mastery
#4 – Processing in the Present.

Tools for Coaching Mastery is a brand new column, which will feature the voice
of IAC's Licensees. This month, Andrea Lee takes us deeper into Mastery 7 with
some insightful questions and an audio excerpt from Barbra Sunquist's Coaching
by Example CD set.

Barbra is also one of our featured authors this month, with an article that
busts through three common barriers to certification. Our other feature article
is from Signature System Coach Kathy Mallary. Wondering what choosing a coaching
niche has to do with cheesecake? Kathy blends it all together.

In her first
Coaching Moments column of 2009, Janice Hunter reminds us that
whether we're reviewing our progress from last year or setting goals for this
one, our best and shiniest plans can never predict the shape that life will
take as the year unrolls.

We're presently working on updating the submission guidelines for the VOICE,
and once they're ready we will post them on the IAC website. For now, please
note that we will eagerly welcome your article submissions for the February
issue (please submit by January 19th) and the March issue (please submit by
February 16th).

If you have something to share about masterful coaching, building and marketing
a coaching business or traveling the road to certification, please email me
and I would be pleased to help you develop your article.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of the newsletter. If you do, we'd love to hear
why. And if you don’t, please send
your feedback
and help us to improve.

Warm wishes,

Linda Dessau, CPCC

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