From the Editor


August is the end of summer here
in the US and while my kids are all grown it still feels like the lull before
the start of a new school year. And true to form there are big changes coming
to the IAC. Check out
President Angela Spaxman’s article about the Masteries and the financial
stabilities of the organization. Find out
how to update your own website from Tech Coach
Sandra De Freitas. New this month is an audio file
to teach you about Mastery 3 and
information about how to use a mentor coach.
There is a follow up by Marion Franklin to last month’s cell
phone article.

This is my last issue as editor and while
it’s not been a long association,
it has certainly been a great learning experience.
My best wishes for continuing success of
the IAC.

Kerch McConlogue, CPCC, PCC

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