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Making connection in a great universe,
like the readership of the VOICE, requires
careful attention to the tone and message
of a publication. We think readers want
to find what they’ve grown to expect.
We also believe writers for the VOICE want
not only to share their stories and information,
but also to challenge you to grow. If we’ve
missed the mark on this, please
let us know

Nina East’s Tidbits
column this month is about Mastery #1 – Establishing and maintaining a
relationship of trust. Her work set the theme of this issue.

The beginning of trust is connection. And
each article in this month’s issue
of the VOICE seems to be about connection.
From President Angela
Spaxman’s letter comparing the
IAC to a MAC! to Jennifer Croft’s marketing piece. We have a new chapter
in Mexico, D.F. and a new
coordinator. And Janice
Hunter’s Coaching Moments piece
is a breath of fresh air; a powerful, uplifting
message for coaches and clients alike.

Note: Last month we released a new member benefit,
Voluntary Life and Health Benefits.  We should have mentioned
that the plan is only available to coaches
in the U.S. That’s not a very good
way to build connection. I am committed
to better quality control in the future.

Kerch McConlogue, CPCC, PCC

you notice the slightly new mast head and
the Table of Contents for the VOICE? We
want to make the publication easy for you
to navigate and easy to find just what you’re
looking for. Let me know if it works for
you. Send me an email.

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