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Taking over for someone else is always
a task fraught with stumbling blocks. Not
only are there somebody else’s shoes
to fill, but also there are systems and structures
that you just haven’t figured out
yet. Couple that with a new organization
where you don’t know anyone in particular
and you've got the makings of a real
duck soup.

It’s not unlike the problems that
might come up when you get a new client
from another coach. Do you even try to match
what the previous coach did? What if it
were working great? What if that style is
different from your own?

It’s fitting that this month Nina
East talks about Mastery #9, "Using Support
Systems and Structures." I work mostly with
adults who have ADHD. Systems and structures
are key to success with my clients. So how
come I’m not doing any better for

I know Angela had systems in place to get
VOICE out on time. And man, I am struggling
to find a structure that works for me. So
here’s my request: I know there are
more than 12,000 readers out there. And
if even a small fraction of you with ideas
for articles or questions that could be
articles… if even a couple of you
drop me a note each month, I bet I can say
thank you and keep this train rolling a
little closer to on schedule.


Kerch McConlogue, CPCC, PCC

Here’s the list of information we
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