From the Editor


I’m Kerch
McConlogue, CPCC, PCC
and the new editor
of the VOICE for the IAC. I am also a member
of the ICF
and of ADHD
Coaches Organization

When I first leaned that the IAC was looking
to fill the editor’s position, I was
curious about those 12,000 readers and the
quality of the publication. I poked around
the website and asked a couple coaches I
know who are already part of the group.
I spent as much time on the letter I wrote
volunteering for the job as any cover letter
for any resume I ever sent
anywhere! The fact that I had to interview
for the position speaks volumes about the
expectations your leadership has for the

New editors always have new ideas. And
I’m hoping to make some changes to the
VOICE to make it easier for you to read
and get to the parts you’re most interested
in. My first priority is to make sure that
the publication is useful. I sure don’t
want to waste anyone’s time!

But for now, I invite you to check out
these articles in this issue:

  • Angela Spaxman moved from Editor of
    the VOICE to President of the IAC. See what
    she has to say here.

  • IAC Treasurer Jean Gran writes here about how the IAC
    manages its money and what can you learn from that that will be useful in your
    own business.

  • Lorraine Lee tells about how the Hong
    Kong coaches geared up for Part 2 of the
    certification process. Learn how you can
    do the same thing in your area. Read about
    it here.

  • Nina East writes here about preparing
    recordings to submit for certification
    Part 2.

  • Janice Hunter gets wisdom from wobbly
    grocery store carts. Read about it here.
  • Pay attention to the new mailing
    address for certification submissions.  Click here.

Please, do me a favor. Drop me a note if
you have a comment, a question or a suggestion
for something you’d like to know more
about—even if it’s an idea you wish
someone else would write about!
You can reach me at

Kerch McConlogue, CPCC, PCC

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