From the Editor


It feels like spring! That’s because
of all the new seeds sprouting at the IAC.

One new growth that many of you
have been waiting for is the new online
Part One IAC
Coaching Masteries™ test
which you can now access through your member page
for $35.

Our President Natalie also reveals the
IAC leadership changes that we are very
excited about.

And on a reflective note, Natalie has written
about what she learned in the role of President.

We are introduced to
one of our new Board
Members, Kim Nishida.

There’s a blast from the past, a
transcription of last year’s teleconference
with Lead Certifier Nina East. As a transcription,
this piece is a quick read and a good reminder
of some keys to getting certified by the

For any of you who are still getting your
website done, or creating a new one, you’ll
want to check our new Member Benefit from

In the IAC Certification Tidbits this month,
Lead Certifier Nina East takes the mystery
out of the Part Two certification process.

Coaching Moments explores the search for
balance amid contradictory tensions. If
you’re a Coaching Moments fan, you
won’t want to miss the wonderful gift
from writer Janice Hunter,
a compilation
of all Coaching Moments articles to date

As you read further, you’ll discover
that I’ll be writing to you from one
column down next month. So now my sights
are set on the future and there is much
to be done! My thanks to all of you who
have supported me in the role of Editor.


Angela Spaxman

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